Reminds one of the times when the operating system of pc paled before the applications running on it. What is more, with OS such as iOS and Android willing to support the burden of the countless applications on them, it’s a mobile app development company world all of the way.

Mobile App development is a fiercely dynamic area that wants a watch 24/7 all around the year. Professional programs sprouting today and after that shoot the adrenaline of fashion watchers expecting to knight it the next El Dorado in mobile program market.

Though loathe calling it tendencies, we will call it the same. So what’re the tendencies currently swirling the App development world?

Hot Topic: Native Vs Web Applications

Sure, the internet-based applications are increasing in power, buttressed by strong, nifty browsers and speedier net. The Smartphone junta that’s the main beneficiary of this tendency, powered as they’re with robust, multitasking chips.

This brings about the intriguing debate: native vs. Web apps. Native applications no doubt live from the Smartphone as one’s own proprietary product. They can be decked with a rich design providing an eye attractive pleasant user experience. But there could exemplify.

Native apps:

  • Advantages
  • impressive in design
  • Usability is top class
  • Can access the features of the mobile
  • Easy to launch in the application market and commercialize
  • Disadvantages
  • Deployment across all OS platforms is expensive

Web apps:

  • Advantages
  • moderately less rich in design
  • Usability varies
  • Deployable across manifold OS platforms
  • Disadvantages
  • Unable to access all features

So whilst the debate carries on one fact become apparent; this requirement pushes the development of applications as long as there’s a viable sustaining market, these kinds of applications will continue to be developed.

Location-based apps

Part of the reason social network empowers you to update your location either stationary or while on the move would be to supply (read bombard) you with pertinent advertising and also offers. Location-based application development is a vital trend advocate to tailor their products or services based on the location of their client. As an example, a hyper economy series like TESCO can provide updates about the most recent seasonal farm produce on its own shelves to its own client living in Leeds town, the UK or a worldwide bank like Citibank can offer information and services to its US client traveling to use.

Most applications are developed for services like supermarkets, gym, restaurants, club, and real estate and so on, that need strict locale-based development.

Social Networking

The online connection has made social networking on the move possible. The result is that getting social network in phones has gone up exponentially providing adequate opportunities for mobile application development for the social network sphere. Applications are developed to tap into the big information this social network may supply for commercial purposes.

Mobile trade

Applications allowing payment via mobile have already made an impact. Now, these mobile applications are stepping up the gas to alarm a client checking into a store/market, assist them with helpful information or alert them to further offers. Mobile application development based on crazy ideas like clicking on the image of an item or its own bar code with a cell phone and adding to the shopping list is underway.


Mobile application development is bound to necessity and creativity. And as this is a sphere not constricted with laws, the scope for development is endless. Take an idea, put it into practice! It fetches you good moolah!

About Endeavour Software Technologies:

Endeavour is a cross-domain, cross-platform Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai. It is a specialist in Enterprise Mobility technology providing strategic consulting and technology services with an aim to deliver end to end mobile solutions across different mobile platforms. Endeavour also offers mobility consulting, mobile UX and mobile test services.

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