All of us have gone through this experience – looking at the picture of a product on the web and imagining how it would appear in real life. Will those shoes  match your dress? How will that couch look in your living room? With augmented reality (AR), uncertainty associated with internet purchasing is ending.

Augmented reality combines digital and physical realities by projecting virtual elements over your natural surroundings. This immersive technology is changing online shopping rapidly as it allows you to preview products before buying them for your own space.

Visualizing Life-Size Products in Your Own Home

AR apps can display true-to-scale 3D models of furniture, appliances, electronics and more through the camera on your smartphone or tablet. Want to see how a sofa would look like in your living room? Just tap your screen and it’ll be there instantly. Walk around it; view it from all sides; even use a few more taps to test alternate colors or fabrics.

Augmented reality creates virtual fitting rooms for clothing retailers. You can layer clothes over a video of yourself to get a real sense of the fit and look before ordering. Eyewear brands take this even further with AR facial mapping in order to have frames made to fit your unique face size and features.

The Virtual Fitting Room Experience

AR involves more than just seeing products; it includes gamified shopping experiences such as virtual dressing rooms, product feature pop ups and competitive play. The selfie video functionality of make-up apps allows users to test overhauls on themselves. Home decor stores have also thrown up online spaces where users can experiment with various ideas.

The era of wondering if that purchase order is going to work out ends today. You can use AR technology to see how accurate the size fits before you swipe your card. This way, you get to see an outfit without walking into a trial room once.

An Immersive, Gamified Shopping Journey

Beyond just visualizing products, immersive AR experiences gamify shopping with virtual try-ons, product information popups, and interactive competitions. Makeup companies let you experiment with complete virtual makeovers on selfie videos. Home decor brands provide an augmented home design playground to test out every creative idea.

This seamless blending of content and shopping turns the online experience into a full funhouse of possibilities. Customers can explore and engage like never before right from the palm of their hand.

The Future Merging into Reality

The prospects in the use of augmented reality are changing as new efficiencies of the ‘test before you buy’ solution gains ground in the field of retailing. These carry on extending the exchangeable physical world with features such as being able to show friends your Virtual Room designs and unlocking AR bonus content for shopping.

One thing is clear: Shopping has changed and integrated itself right into your environment.Augmented reality applying for shopping online change it from window shopping into shopping experience with complete specificity which is convenient for you.

The advent of augmented reality (AR) is revolutionizing the way we shop online, offering a more immersive and interactive experience. By overlaying digital information onto the physical world, AR enhances product visualization, helps consumers make informed decisions, and provides a level of engagement previously unattainable in online shopping. Platforms like PlugXR play a pivotal role in this transformation by simplifying the development and deployment of AR experiences.


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