Online food delivery business has become a topic of the town, it is grabbing everyone’s attention especially leading companies are trying to get an edge over online food startups. Online food delivery apps allow consumers to order lip-smacking cuisine of their choice with a single tap on a mobile phone from a wide variety of options.

In today’s hectic world, online food delivery companies as a blessing for most of the people that provides easy to use apps. These apps are gradually becoming one of the most trending and most desired and slowly replacing the conventional dining experience. Online food delivery app make it easier for local restaurants and food cooperatives to offer meals.

The U.S. National Restaurant Association of the U.S. has recently conducted a survey, and they have found that 37% of the restaurants offer online ordering, while 32% accept mobile payment.

By providing the conveniences like food delivery at the doorstep at minimal charges, this results in a tremendously increasing in demand. It is becoming popular which results in most of the leading companies are moving towards the online food delivery business.

Top Monetization Techniques of Online Food Delivery Apps

Any startups require investment and to cop up with the expenses companies need to find some techniques to make money via food delivery apps. Let’s have a look at the major sources to generate revenue with the help of a food delivery business.

Delivery Charges

Most companies do not offer a free delivery facility while some are offering these services. The delivery charges are based on the location, distance or percentage of the whole order. There are many online food delivery companies are whopping a large amount of revenue through using monetization technique in the online model. But delivery charges are only approachable for stable good revenue companies. The companies need to charge a considerable amount of money for delivery services.


Advertising can be considered as the best way to generate revenue. With the help of proper advertising and promotion, online food delivery apps can earn by offering an advertising option on the app. It means to display ads of a restaurant on your apps and charge a certain amount of money from the restaurant for displaying photos, videos or ads. Another mode of advertising can be listed as the restaurant name on the top of the result.

Peak Hours

This monetization technique involves peak hours or High Demands. With this method, the best online food delivery apps are started taking advantage of and levy high charges on food delivery during peak hours. Charges may differ on the basis of location and the quantity of the food. Companies generally increased the rates during peak hours like lunch dinner, it is available to their users with extra fees.

On the Basis of Commission

Each platform charges a significant amount from the restaurants. Companies are collaborating with a restaurant and shops that can aid them in generating revenue model. Usually, the commission is fixed on the basis of size and location. Deliveroo app follows these kinds of monetization techniques that can help in making significant growth in business.

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The online delivery service is sure to fill the gaps between the local restaurant’s professionals and delicious food with the help of monetization techniques. If anyone wants to enter the online food industry need a skilled developer, who can develop an app like Swiggy Clone Script that enhances your startup with the help of innovative ideas.

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