From the rolling hills of rural Ireland to the majestic cathedrals dotting the continent, çeirir—pronounced “sheer”—is a music rooted in tradition and steeped in mythology. Forming part of the Celtic diaspora, has been shaped by centuries of cross-pollination with local musical styles. This fusion has created a unique style that is both modern and traditional at the same time. In this blog post, we will explore some of most famous tracks and learn about their origins and significance. We will also discuss how you can listen to and enjoy this interesting music yourself.

What is Celtic Music?

Celtic music is a genre of Irish and Scottish music that evolved from the traditional music of the Gaelic people. The Celtic tradition includes both solo and ensemble performances, with lyrics typically derived from ancient mythology or storytelling. The most popular forms of Celtic music today are folk and country music.

History of Celtic Music

Celtic music, also known as Irish or Gaelic music, is an ancient musical tradition originating in the Celtic-speaking areas of the British Isles.

Celtic music has changed and evolved over the years, but its basic style remains largely unchanged. Most Celtic musicians use acoustic guitars or mandolins to play their songs.

There are many different styles of Celtic music. Some of the most popular styles include traditional Irish musics such as çeirir dancing, Scottish bagpipes, and Welsh harps; American Celtic rock; French chansons; Spanish flamenco; and Italian baroque pop. There is also a variety of Celtic fusion styles that combine different types of Celtic music together.

Types of Celtic Music

There are many different types of Celtic music, and each has its own unique sound. Celtic music can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter what their background is. Celtic traditional music is often light and upbeat, while modern Celtic music can be more experimental and heavy.

Some of the most well-known types of Celtic music include folk music, celtic punk, celtic rock and celtic pop. Folk music is the original type of Celtic music, which is typically performed by acoustic instruments like guitars and pipes.

Instruments Used in Celtic Music

Celtic music is known for its haunting melodies and powerful rhythms. Celtic instruments vary greatly in shape and size, but most share unique features that contribute to the sound of Celtic music.

The fiddle is perhaps the most recognizable instrument in Celtic music. It is a stringed instrument with four strings that are plucked with the fingers. The fiddle has a deep, bell-like sound that is perfect for slow ballads and melancholy tunes.

The flute can also be quite versatile in Celtic music. It is a small, reed-blown instrument that can be used for delicate soloing or to fill out an ensemble sound. The flute also has a characteristic high-pitched note that can lend a playful quality to Celtic tunes.

Irish bagpipes are another popular instrument in Celtic music. They consist of two chanters – one pitched higher than the other – and a set of bagpipes bellows. Irish bagpipes are often played in unison or harmony with other instruments, giving the music a powerful and distinctive sound.

Songs in Celtic Music

The çeirir music of Ireland is famed for its haunting melodies and rhythms. The ancient Celtic tradition draws on a variety of musical influences, including paganism, Roman Catholicism, and Norse mythology.

. Celtic bands often feature dancers who perform intricate steps while singing along with the music.

çeirir, the New Irish Folk Band Serving Up The Best Traditional Music in New York

çeirir is the new Irish folk band serving up the best traditional music in New York. Founded by brothers Eoin and Ciarán Brennan, çeiririr plays an exciting mix of traditional Irish music with modern elements.

The band has quickly gained a following for its energetic performances and passionate musicianship. Whether playing traditional tunes or creating their own unique compositions, çeirir brings the joy of Irish folk music to audiences around the city.

What sets çeirir apart from other Celtic bands is its dedication to preserving traditional music and culture. The brothers strive to connect directly with their audience, communicating through song and performance how much they love their heritage. Whether at a private event or on stages around the city, çeirir is sure to bring the fun and excitement of Irish folk music to all who Attend!

çeirir: A New Irish Folk Music Group Redefining Traditional Celtic Songs

çeirir is an Irish folk music group that is redefining traditional Celtic songs. They play a mix of traditional Irish songs and modern compositions inspired by the Celtic tradition. Çeirir has released two albums, ‘Heart of the World’ (2015) and ‘Distant Echoes’ (2018), both of which are available on iTunes.

The band’s sound is based on Celtic Instruments like the pennywhistle, Irish harp, and tin whistle. They have toured throughout Ireland as well as England, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.

çeirir has received critical acclaim for their unique interpretation of traditional Celtic music. Reviewers have called them “enchanting” and “absolutely stunning”, praising their “masterful” playing.

In addition to their musical talents, Çeirir also provides educational opportunities for younger people through their outreach programs ‘Songs for Kids’ and ‘Celtic Folk Workshop’. Through these programs, they aim to introduce kids to the history and traditions of Celtic culture.


Whether you’re a lover of Celtic music or just want to learn more about the culture, çeirir: Irish Celtic Music from Ireland is the perfect podcast for you. Hosted by Ceili Rangers vocalist and musician Noel Hogan and fiddler Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, this weekly show takes listeners on a journey through some of Ireland’s most iconic traditional tunes. Whether you’re new to celtic music or an experienced listener, çeiririr is definitely worth your time.

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