Nowadays, every vehicle has a set of Tires. The tire you have today can be different from the one you had a few years back. A lot of changes have been made to make it better and improve your driving experience. One such change included is the tire with increased durability and mileage. But one problem still exists: Will my car tyre support the winter season and its road condition? This leads you to buy new Falken car tyres once again to get good mileage. Here are some of the major winter driving safety tips for you.

  • Be Planned!

  • Learn And Educate Yourself

Educate yourself regarding your car and understand your car and its movement. So that you can check your car tyre before leaving the house. Safe drivers understand the weather and their own limitations. If the temperature is severe, take it slow, or avoid going.

  • Wipe Out Or Brush Out!

Brush the snow around your home and garage so you can take your car out. First, you must remove snow from the car’s window, windshield, rear window, tyres, and other parts. Make sure you can see from the driver’s seat. 

  • Examine!

Inspect your car’s tyres, wiper blades, fluids, headlights, seatbelts, and hoses. On a good day, a breakdown is inconvenient; on a poor day, it is hazardous. 

  • Time…

Give yourself sufficient time to arrive at your destination safely. Investing yourself and other individuals at risk is not worthwhile merely to be on time.

  • Storage

Maintain a basic extreme cold weather package in your car, including a flashlight, batteries, a blanket, food, beverages, gloves, footwear, and a first-aid kit. 

Warning – Slippery When Moist

  • Be Cautious!

During the winter season, there are a few tricks to look for!

  • First Snow Or Frost!

Drivers are frequently unprepared for driving in snow and fail to slow down. Always keep your speed considerably below the legal speed and provide plenty of space between cars.

  • Black Ice Or Frost

Tracks that appear to be dry may really be treacherous and deadly. So drive slowly when reaching crossroads, off-ramps, bridges, or shaded places. These are all hot sites for black ice.

  • Visibility Limit

In low visibility, stay alert and slow down. Recognize what is going on out there. It will help you on driving safely on icy roads and turns. 

  • Four-Wheel Drive 

Drive slowly and gently on icy roads regardless of the type and size of your vehicle. When you lose traction, especially if you have a four-wheel drive SUV, you might be unable to slow down any sooner or maintain hold any better. Four-wheel drive may make your travel quicker, but it will not make you stop sooner.

  • Stay Safe On Icy Road!

Snowplough drivers are out on the roadways in the winter season to clean roads from ice and frost. However, driving slowly can help your car to keep traction and grip on the road. Here’s everything you need to understand about driving around snowplow:

  • Space or room for other cars

Allow enough space for a snowplow to function. The ploughs are broad and can traverse the midline or shoulder. Do not tailgate and attempt to avoid passing. If you must pass, go with extreme caution and keep an eye out for the snow cloud.

  • Speed or Velocity

Snowplows go at a slower speed than allotted to them. Therefore, you must be patient when you move around, whether behind or beside them. Hence, it would help if you give yourself sufficient time to manage the speed of your car. While driving on ice and snow, you must always drive slowly.

  • Sightseeing and Vision

The field of vision for a snowplow driver is reduced. They might not always see you, but you might still see them. Maintain a safe distance and be alert for abrupt stops or turns.

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