Imlie Discovers Chini's Role In The Fire Accident

Arto told him that Chini texted him saying she missed him. He isn’t sure what she’s trying to show. He is then able to see Imlie asleep. They promise that he won’t sabotage Chini’s confidence and that Emilie’s presence won’t hurt him. Anu phone calls Arto and tells Arto she believes that Chini and Abhishek have had a massive argument and Chini is extremely upset. She demands that he speak to Chini at least once, or else she will decide to take drastic action. Anu insists that if she asks Arpita or Rupy’s aid, they’ll scold Chini. This is why she’s telling him that Arto believes he isn’t able to tell Imlie the truth, however, Anu asks him to do a second thing.

He can’t locate Chini in her bedroom and she’s pretending she’s crying in the garden. He calls her, and she attempts to hold him. They tell her that nothing is different and she must take control of herself. He tells her that if she wishes to talk to him, he’ll contact Rupy and Arpita. China insists that it is not necessary however she’ll deal with her solitude. Chini begins acting as if she was able to marry Abhishek however when Abhishek does not respect her. He then is rude and makes her cry.

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Arto believes that he’s not the best person to provide advice on weddings, so she talks to Rupy. Rupy is older than her and has a better idea of what is best for her. Before Chini could make a statement, Arto quits. Chini states that she has begun to speak as Imlie. The next tomorrow Rudra along with Devika discusses whether Arto’s affection for Chini was genuine and whether Chini could melt when he sees her. However, Imlie is there to lend him courage.

Rathods awake and go on to breakfast. Arpita claims she is unable to consume parathas because her cholesterol levels are high. Arto provides fruit salad for her and demands that she take it. Akash believes Arto does something extra for his parents. Chini says to Anu via phone that every strategy is failing and she’s not sure what she should do about it. Anu suggests she come up with a solution. Chini cut the call when she sees Imlie. Imlie wants Chini to join her to do some work. Chini declares she’ll meet with Abhishek. Imlie believes that she was expecting Chini to be with her this time, but Chini did not.

Arto receives a second text message from Chini who informs him that she’s struggling and requires his assistance. He suggests he communicate this to Imlie however, he comes to find out that she’s gone to work. Arto considers whether Chini is in danger, and should not text her or not. In the midst, Imlie is in the burned Rathod Mansion and thinks about how can it burn without having a valid reason.

Chini Surprise Him

Sundar did not know anything about electrical issues. She thinks Chini could have been a help to her, but she did not come. Imlie declares that she’ll take care of herself. Then Chini goes with Abhishek into the tea shop as it’s his favorite place and she was able to surprise him. She later discovers Arto is in the stall. She then asks Abhishek whether she likes his charitable work. Abhishek is furious and demands she thinks about what she’s telling him. He walks away in disgust, and there Arto considers the reason Chini came to him and she appears to be right regarding Abhishek. Arto decides to go home believing that Chini’s family will be her. Chini interrupts him and thanks Arto for coming and you watch all episodes at jio Cinema USA.

There Imlie finds a nail fragment of Chini inside the house and suspects Chini is the one responsible for the fire incident. Chini launches into her emotional drama. Abhishek isn’t willing to settle any problems with her. Then she realizes who she lost. Arto is trying to call Abhishek to resolve their differences, but Chini can stop him. Chini declares that she has lost her parents and that she must deal with the situation on her own. He offers her an elevator and she agrees. She receives Imlie’s phone call but she ignores the message. Arto attempts to contact Imlie to let her know about Chini but the phone is busy. Chini wonders what is wrong with Imlie. Imlie decides to challenge Chini for her actions. Chini behaves like she is crying to win Arto’s love.
Atharva and Emilie’s bond is growing as they begin to explore what’s not explored.
As Cheeni gets angry at this, she warns Imlie to stay clear.

Cheeni hasn’t stopped here when she tried to fix the confusion between Atharva and Imlie and claims to love Atharva. She is determined to convince Imlie that Atharva still loves her even as an important snag is waiting in the tale. Cheeni is not in the mood to get married to Abhishek and will be missing from her wedding ceremony. It’s not as if Atharva is not found anywhere while Emilie’s face is shattered. Imlie realizes the fact that Atharva and Cheeni aren’t there, this could be a sign of their elopement.

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