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To streamline education during the Pandemic, the development of digital platforms was triggered. That is the reason why the United States is currently observing a sudden boost in education technology. One app that gained gargantuan popularity during the major spread of coronavirus is Nearpod. It is an application that many teachers in the USA use to take students on virtual field trips or to create live interactive video lessons.

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Do you want to learn the technique to create an app like Nearpod? 

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Businesses, due to the sudden rise in the online education industry, now have the golden opportunity to hit the nail. If you are a visionary looking for an extraordinary startup idea, then now is your time to shine. You can take inspiration from Nearpod and launch your own educational app to cater to the growing demands.

Today, in this blog, we would be sharing more insights about this trending educational application and how you too can take inspiration from this emerging concept! So, without any further delay, let us get started!

It is a US-based application that helps teachers to boost interactive learning through formative assessment and engaging media. Here students can easily join a lesson, teachers can sign up for free, and the administration can request a quote.

Teachers don’t need to start from scratch to make a lesson interactive. They can simply upload Google Slides, PowerPoint and make any of them interactive. The platform also has a standards-aligned library consisting of 15,000+ videos and interactive lessons for all subjects and grades.

The platform is not confined to a single learning environment. The users can relish it for classroom, distance, or hybrid learning. With any change in the plans, the lessons can also be changed to support the learning.

The platform also boosts student collaborative activities through game-based quizzes, virtual reality, collaboration, boards, polls, etc.

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Advantages Of Nearpod!

Here is the list of advantages of an interactive education app like Nearpod. Take a look and know more!

1. Formative assessment- It can be used to draw insights into learning.

2. Adaptability– Teachers can know the learning stage of each student and adapt instruction in real-time to help them. For example in-the-moment feedback.

3. Authentic connections- The platform helps in building authentic connections through activities focusing on emotional and social well-being.

4. Make interactive videos- One can add questions by adding videos or links in the Nearpod Library.

5. 1:1 devices not required- Front of Class, Live Participation and Student Paced are three other ways to deliver lessons.

6. Accessible features- Utilize features like audio responses, audio recordings, Microsoft Immersive Reader.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Nearpod? 

Planning the budget is one of the most important concerns of any entrepreneur. But there isn’t any development company that can predict the cost of development before thoroughly examining each and every aspect. If you want to get a fixed quote, then feel free to reach out to a leading app development company.

A team of professionals would be able to quote you a clear figure by assessing the following factors-

  • Technology stack

  • Time period

  • Required team of designers, developers, and QA analysts

  • Integration of advanced tech like AI, AR, Blockchain, etc

  • Complexities in the design

Wrapping It Up!

Platforms like Nearpod play a key role in extending the capabilities of classroom teachers. Hence, a lot of ed-tech startups are reporting remarkable growth. Due to the rise in demand and massive adoption of ed-tech, it is the right time to invest your resources in a project that would yield glorious results for society and for your business.

With a high-quality product, the right monetization strategy, and on-point marketing you too can create a unique identity of your brand in the education app industry. The market currently is overflowing with opportunities. It is the right time to hit the nail and relish the benefits of this profitable domain.

Do you want to develop a video lesson app like Nearpod? If yes, then reach out to the best app developers and find how you can emerge successfully through a highly competitive market.

But until then, stay tuned with us for more tech-savvy updates from around the world. And feel free to reach out to us in case of any query!

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