6 Must-follow Firewood Safety Tips for Beginners

A wood fire or firepit is a great way to warm up and connect with nature. It provides a great atmosphere on a fantastic night and is a source of great entertainment. However, it is also something that should be done with care. If done incorrectly, a fire can burn out of control and result in disastrous consequences.

With winter arriving, many people will fire up their wood fires and enjoy warm, cozy nights at home. Here are some tips on firewood safety for beginners from my own experiences.

1. Choose the right type of firewood

To ensure the proper type of firewood is selected, look for wood cut and split for at least six months. This ensures that the wood is completely dry and ready to use. The wood should be light in color, have visible cracks in the end and grain, and must make a hollow sound when two pieces are knocked together. The bark should be easily removed with a light touch of your fingernail.

Another important firewood safety tip is never to burn green or wet wood. This is because burning green wood produces more smoke and soot, and wet wood has more sparks and hissing. Both of these conditions can contribute to chimney fires and other safety risks.

2. Store it properly

Storing your firewood away from your house helps keep the wood dry and free from pests and reduces the risk of fire in your home. Wood is highly flammable, and if stored too close to the house, it could easily ignite and cause a devastating fire. Keeping the wood away from your home helps protect your family and property from this type of disaster.

When choosing a location for your firewood, it’s important to pick an area with good air circulation. Firewood needs to be kept dry to burn correctly, and storing it in an area with plenty of air movement helps prevent mold and mildew growth. It’s also essential to choose an area away from combustible materials such as paper and fabrics, as these can easily catch fire if they come in contact with sparks from the fireplace.

Many vendors provide firewood delivery services in Oslo (ved levert i Oslo). It is convenient to get the firewood you need without having to drive to a local store or haul it yourself.

3. Don’t burn green wood

Green wood is wood that hasn’t been aged or seasoned, and it’s not suitable for burning. It’s difficult to light, producing more smoke and creosote than seasoned wood. This means that your stove or fireplace won’t be as efficient, and you’ll be putting yourself and your home at risk of a chimney fire.

When you’re selecting firewood, make sure you choose wood that has been aged, dried, and split. This can typically be done outdoors by leaving the wood in a sheltered area and allowing it to air out for at least six months. You can tell if the wood is dry enough to burn if it cracks and pops when you break it.

4. Stack your firewood properly

Stack your firewood on a raised surface off the ground. This will help protect it from moisture, keep it dry and reduce the risk of insect infestations. There are several ways to stack your firewood, depending on the size of your stack and the amount of room you have available.

The simplest way to stack your firewood for small stacks is in a criss-cross pattern. Start with a layer of logs, then lay the next layer in the opposite direction. This criss-cross pattern helps keep the firewood secure.

For more enormous firewood piles, it’s best to build a platform to stack them on. You can use wooden beams, rocks or cinder blocks to create a platform and keep the forum off the ground. Try using a tarp and some bricks or rocks to keep the firewood off the ground.

When stacking your firewood, ensure it’s stacked in a way that allows for proper ventilation. This will help the firewood dry faster and reduce insect infestations.

5. Use a screen when burning

An essential tip to remember is that you should always use a screen when burning. This will help to reduce the risk of sparks and fly-away embers, which can cause damage to your property and potentially start a fire.

When selecting a screen for your fire, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure that the screen is large enough to cover the entire fire. You should also make sure that it is made from a sturdy material, such as metal or mesh, to prevent it from being easily damaged.

When using a screen for your fire, be sure to keep it in place at all times. This is especially important if you cannot remain in the area of the fire and need to leave it unattended. Never leave a fire burning without a screen, as this could lead to embers and sparks flying into your home or elsewhere.

6. Keep the area around your firewood clean

It is essential to keep the area around your firewood clean. Firewood is a fuel source that can be extremely dangerous if not properly managed. Taking the time to clean up and maintain the area around your firewood can go a long way in preventing fires and ensuring your safety.

When managing your firewood, the most crucial task is cleaning up the area around it. Keep the area free from debris and clutter, such as leaves, sticks, and other flammable materials. This will make transporting your firewood easier while also helping reduce the risk of a fire spreading.

One way to keep the area around your firewood clean is to use a firewood rack. Firewood racks, also known as log racks, provide a raised platform to store your firewood off the ground, away from debris or clutter. It also makes it easier to transport your firewood, as the firewood rack can be moved around without needing to lift each log.

The Verdict

It is imperative to practice safety when using firewood. It is vital for your protection and those of your family, friends, and neighbors. Always ensure a good fire plan and a way to extinguish the fire, and never leave it unattended. Additionally, make sure to always check for any fire bans and follow all local regulations for burning. With these firewood safety tips in mind, you can be sure to have a safe and enjoyable fire experience this winter.

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