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At some point in life, everyone needs legal help and support. The legal help may not always be about some criminal matter. It may be required for civil matters like property disputes, corporate matters like unlawful termination, etc. The law of the land governs every aspect of our life and hence, through one incident or the other, you will find yourself in need for legal advice.

The job of a good lawyer or law firm is not just to fight the case in a courtroom, but to also educate the client. It is important for an individual to understand what the position of the law exactly is in the concerned matter. Similarly, understanding their rights and liabilities is also essential. There are also instances when certain matter can be resolved through out of court settlement. But, ensuring that these settlements are done in a lawful manner that is legally binding is important. It is the job of the law firm hired to provide the best legal solution to its clients.

New Delhi is not just the capital of India, but is also considered the capital city for crime as well. Hence, the number of cases, criminal, civil and otherwise is the highest in the country. This means that there is a huge need for lawyers to represent these cases. As a result, in every lane of Delhi you will find lawyers popping out. From individuals to big Law Firms in Delhi, there are thousands of options available to the people.

However, legal matters tend to be tricky. Even the smallest of cases can end up becoming complicated and expensive if not handled properly. People can lose all their savings, livelihood and even freedom if their lawyer does not fight their case in the best possible manner. Hence, the task of choosing a top law firm in Delhi is of prime importance.

Below is a list of top law firms in Delhi for people to choose from:

Sidhant Dhingra & Associates

This firm was established in the year 2016 and since then it has managed to become one of the leading names in the list of top criminal law firms in Delhi. Mr. Sidhant Dhingra is the head of Top Law Firm in Delhi. He represents his client in Supreme court, High court as well as all district courts in Delhi. They have a huge team of qualified and experienced lawyers divided in to four teams: Trial court team, High court team, Supreme court team and Legal research team. The company believes in the motto that ‘no case is indefensible’. Each client is offered complete and comprehensive legal services available under criminal law. From filing an FIR to investigation, bail appeal and trial, complete end to end services are available with Sidhant Dhingra & Associates. While Delhi is their base office, they also fight cases in Supreme court and High courts in other parts of the country as well, including Rajasthan, Allahabad, Lucknow, Mumbai and Chandigarh.

This top law firm in Delhi specializes in criminal law, but it also offers its clients services in other legal areas as well. Other practice area covered by them include:

  • Economic Offence

  • NDPS cases

  • Sexual offences and POCSO cases

  • Money Laundering

  • Anti-Corruption

  • Cyber crime

  • Terrorism and Sedation

  • Matrimonial Cases

Besides Mr. Sidhant Dhingra, other prominent lawyer you will find in this company’s team are Ms. Nidhi Rajoura, Mr. Dhruv Jain, Mr. Ritesh Rai and Mr. Shubham Thakur.

Maheshwari & Co.

The law firm in Delhi offer legal services to both domestic as well as foreign clients. A broad range of cutting edge legal services are provided by this company. They have separate set of lawyers working at the district court level, high court level and Supreme court level. Besides this they have a strong team of lawyers working in the back office to provide all the research and support that the above three teams may need for effectively representing their client case in the courtroom. Besides having their own team of lawyers, they have also entered into collaborations with various top consultancy firms across the nation to offer more diversified solutions to their clients.

They like to combine their legal knowledge with the goals of the client to offer best solutions.

Dhir & Dhir Associates

The biggest selling point of this Top Law Firm in Delhi is that they are highly approachable and accessible. They are known to prioritize their personal relationship with the clients over business or transaction. They take time to understand the business and needs of the clients and accordingly merge the same with their in-depth knowledge of the law to come up with solutions that best serve the needs and future of the clients.

Lex Jurists

This firm was set up in 1993 and has been offering legal services in almost all aspects of law to its clients. They offer services in both civil and criminal matters in Supreme Court, High court as well as District courts. They specialize in regulatory and compliance work. They have client base across the whole of India as well as abroad. They have a huge team of lawyers who are highly experienced and like to value each and every client that walks through their doors. They are known for their holistic approach where they like to deal with a lot of sensitivity towards their clients and the matter at hand.

Bisht & Associates

This is yet another well renowned law firm in Delhi. They also offer a wide array of legal services to their clients under one roof. Like any good law firm, they believe in offering solutions that make the life of their clients easier and happier. Their experienced team of lawyers comprises of individuals coming from varied areas of practice and having worked in different industry verticals. This allows them to offer practical solutions to their clients.

One thing common amongst all the above top law firms in Delhi is that their prime focus is their client and ensuring their well being in the long run.

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