If you are a Product Owner, Product Manager, or business owner who is looking to achieve Lean-Agile transformation in the organization based on the Scaled Agile Framework, the SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) training is for you. With this training, you will learn design thinking methods to create a vision, strategy, and roadmap for the Agile Release Trains (ARTs) that lead to developing desirable, feasible, viable and sustainable products and solutions for your customers

Use Agile techniques to build successful products
You will use design thinking to develop robust and highly innovative solutions with proven capabilities in the Product Management SAFe® Agile training, as well as learn how to implement the visions into practically. You will also learn to develop a mindset, skills, and tools for building successful products, from ideation to deployment, with the help of Agile techniques. As a part of the SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) course, you will also understand how continuous research fosters innovation and helps you define a strategy, vision, and roadmap for entering new market segments. In addition to this, the participants will also find out how to accelerate the product development process, which would ultimately mean less time-to-market. A faster product lifecycle would also mean getting fast and regular feedback from customers and quickly delivering amazing products and solutions to delight customers—all this can be done by aligning with the strategy, portfolio, and evolving architecture of the organization.

Core competencies of the SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) Training

Here is what you will learn from the training.

  • Achieve viable, desirable, and sustainable outcomes with design thinking.
  • Explore the market requirements, sizing, segmentation, and competitive landscape.
  • Make use of empathy to drive the design.
  • Create and refine roadmaps.
  • Explore innovation in the value stream.
  • Apply product vision and strategy.
  • Value stream management, including licensing and pricing.
  • Use SAFe® to execute and deliver value.

How can Product Management SAFe® Agile help Product Owners and Product Managers?

Focus on quality
Be it any organization or project, quality is of paramount importance for the client. With the SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) certification, participants learn how to use SAFe® for effective implementation without compromising on the quality of the product. It improves the quality of products delivered by the team. With SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) training, the Product Owners and managers also learn the best practices for quality development that can be incorporated into the business processes.

Correct decision-making
For any Product Owner or Product Manager, informed decision making is important. SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) training directly influences the quality of decision-making. A Product Management SAFe® Agile course helps Product Owners make correct decisions based on robust tools that provide valuable insights from a huge volume of data. The ability to make decisions can be improved with Product Management SAFe® Agile training.

In Agile teams, changes happen quickly during planning, training, and execution. Hence, it is crucial to have complete transparency about these changes. The SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) course helps Product Managers know about the changes happening through real-time backlog tracking. Transparency and openness allow problems to be fixed quickly before they turn into major issues.

Stakeholder management
Product Management SAFe® Agile training helps Product Owners and Product Managers effectively manage stakeholders. The Product Owners collaborate with internal stakeholders, while the Product Managers collaborate with external stakeholders. SAFe® Agile training provides them with the necessary resources and knowledge to align all stakeholders around the goal of the products.

Automation with a purpose
The SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) certification course teaches you to choose the right tools depending on your organizational needs. While developing systems in an organization, you can make the right choice of tools, tactics, and information with the learning from Product Management SAFe® Agile training.

Who should go for the SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) Certification?

  • Project Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Business Owners
  • Business Analysts
  • Product management team members
  • Product marketing managers
  • Customer experience professionals

Are you planning to go for the SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) Certification?
You need to first choose the right training institute offering the SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) course. One such leading institute that provides SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) training is AgilityPAD, a SAFe® Silver Partner. At AgilityPAD, the Product Management SAFe® Agile training is done by trained and professional SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs). Have any doubts or want to know more about the SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) certification?

Contact AgilityPAD today for upcoming Product Management SAFe® Agile training.

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