earn money by writing a book online

Earn money by publishing a book online 

Publishing a book online can be a great way to earn money, especially in the digital age where more and more people are reading e-books and listening to audiobooks. Self publishing is more popular now. 

Here we are going to explain all about making money online through publishing a book online. This includes the introduction, importance, and methods. 

What is self publishing  a book

Self-publishing a book online refers to the process of publishing a book electronically, typically in the form of an e-book, without the involvement of a traditional publishing house. With online self-publishing, the author takes on all responsibilities for the publication of the book, including editing, formatting, cover design, marketing, and distribution.

There are several platforms that make it easy for authors to self-publish their books online, including Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo Writing Life, and Smash words.

Importance of self publishing  a book online

 There are several benefits to self-publishing a book online:

  • Control: With self-publishing, the author has complete control over the publication process, including the content, cover design, and pricing of the book.
  • Speed: Self-publishing allows authors to get their books on the market faster than traditional publishing, which can take months or even years.
  • Royalties: Self-published authors often earn higher royalties than those published by traditional houses because they don’t have to share profits with a publisher.
  • Marketing: Self-publishing allows authors to take control of their own marketing efforts, which can be important in getting their book noticed by readers.
  • Creativity: Self-publishing allows authors to be more creative and take risks with their work that may not be possible with traditional publishing.
  • Independence: Self-publishing allows authors to be independent and not rely on a traditional publisher to validate their work.

How do I know if i can publish a book online?

In general, you can publish a book online as long as it is your original work and does not infringe upon the copyright of any other book or work. There are also a few other considerations to keep in mind:

  • If you have signed a contract with a traditional publisher, you will need to check the terms of that contract to see if you are allowed to self-publish your work online.
  • If you are publishing content that is sensitive or potentially controversial, you should be mindful of local laws and regulations that may affect your ability to publish your work online.
  • Some online platforms have specific guidelines for the types of content that they will allow to be published on their sites. For example, Amazon has guidelines for self-publishing through its Kindle Direct Publishing platform.


Overall, it is a good idea to do your research and familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines of the platform you are considering using for self-publishing before you start the process.

Methods of publishing a book online

Here are the general steps for publishing a book on a self-publishing platform:

Choose a platform:

There are many self-publishing platforms to choose from, such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Barnes & Noble Press, and Kobo Writing Life. Each platform has its own specific guidelines and requirements, so be sure to research and compare the options to find the one that best fits your needs.

Prepare your book:

Before you can publish your book, you will need to have it in the correct format and meet the platform’s guidelines for content and formatting. This may require editing, proofreading, and formatting your book to meet the platform’s specific requirements.

Create an account:

Once you have chosen a platform and prepared your book, you will need to create an account on the platform’s website. This will typically involve providing some basic information about yourself and your book.

Upload your book:

Follow the platform’s instructions for uploading your book. This will typically involve uploading the book file and providing information such as the title, author name, and book description.

Set your price:

Most self-publishing platforms allow you to set your own price for your book. Consider factors such as the length of your book, the content, and the market when deciding on a price.

Publish your book:

Once you have completed all of the required steps, you can publish your book and make it available for sale on the platform.

Promote your book:

Once your book is published, you will need to promote it in order to attract readers. This can involve things such as social media marketing, advertising, and getting reviews.



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