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Have you given any of the Indian treks a thought besides the Himalayan treks? If so, you are definitely in the right place. High-peak trekking has always been a goal for thrill seekers. Exploring a variety of treks in India’s varied locations is such a thrill. The fact that India has good hiking regions outside of the Himalayas is not widely known among trekkers. One of them is the Maharashtra’s Kalsubai Trek on the Deccan plateau.


Probably, you’re wondering why Kalsubai Trek right now.

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Referred known as the Maharashtra Everest

The Sahyadris in the Western Ghats’ tallest peak, Kalsubai Peak, is located at a height of 5400 feet. This magnificent hilltop is located within the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary. If you’re interested in trekking to high peaks, this hike is a great place to start. Because of its location, Kalsubai, the highest peak on the Deccan Plateau, is frequently referred to as the “Mount Everest of Maharashtra.”

A young woman who became disoriented in the highlands gave the mountain its name. The girl was allegedly recruited by a local family to help out around the house, but when she was abused, she ran away and got lost in the hills. As a result of the community’s tremendous regard for the girl, the peak was named after her, and a temple was built in her honour. As a result, Kalsubai draws both pilgrims and trekkers.

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It is suitable for everybody

The Kalsubai Trek is a 5.5-kilometer one-way hike that takes around 4 hours to complete and is somewhat difficult. Numerous preparations have been taken for this walk because the Kalsubai mountain is well-known in the neighbourhood.

The 6.6 km trail has rocky outcrops, steep slopes, stunning vistas of rice fields, and some difficult-to-continue sections for hikers. At some areas, you can find steel railings, ladders, and chains.

There are two routes that lead to Kalsubai’s peak: the easier and more popular one starts in the town of Bari, and the more challenging Indore route. Beginners, devotees, and families are advised to take the Bari village route; seasoned hikers should take the Indore route.

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Features a variety of plants and animals

If you like the beauty of nature and its byproducts, you must do this walk. In addition to woods, vivid paddy fields, mesmerising natural vistas, and concrete jungles, the Sahyadri highlands, where Kalsubai mountain is located, are home to many natural wonders. You’ll have an unusual experience on this excursion. In regards to the flora Many of the avian, herbivorous, carnivorous, and reptile species found along the Kalsubai trek route are exclusive to the Western Ghats and are protected by the Harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary. Along the Bari Village trail, there is a little creek that flows into the Pravara river; it is easy to cross.

The base village of Bari also has a few homestays that serve traditional Marathi food.


Time Saving

Since there is so much to see and do that it cannot be done in a single day, this walk saves so much time. Since it only takes one day to complete, it may be done on weekends or as a getaway from the stresses of everyday life. If you’re a devotee, you can perform this music on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the Kalsubai temple hosts nighttime rites. Additionally, camping alternatives are available; you can choose to remain the night or even hike through the night to reach the top in the morning.


Nearby attractions to Kalsubai Peak

The spectacular Wilson Dam, also known as the Bhandardara Dam, Arthur Lake, where you can go boating and camp on the bank, the gorgeous Umbrella and Randha Falls, and the Amriteshwar Temple are just a few of the sights worth viewing near the Kalsubai peak.


Getting to Kalsubai

Mumbai, the nation’s commercial centre, is only approximately three hours away from Kalsubai. Mumbai is well-connected by air, land, and sea to other major cities. Traveling in the direction of Kalsubai is advised. The closest airport is Chatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai. You can hire a taxi in Kasara, the closest railroad station, to get to the bottom of Bari village.


Data On The Kalsubai Peak Trekking Trail

The Kalsubai Peak trek trail can be broken into two portions and begins in Bari Village. From Bari Village, the first segment travels through farmland, grasslands, and a brief tract of forest.

With roughly 4-5 steep ladders, the second section is the most difficult. You arrive at the last top, home to the Kalsubai Temple, after passing a viewing area.

The route back down is the same.


What to Bring on Your Trek

First-aid kit essentials

Identification Card

A hat, bandana, scarf, and sunglasses

A poncho

Water (Minimum two litres)

Lemon and salt OR electrolyte powder or beverage (such as Gatorade, Electro, or Glucon D).

Foods high in calories (Nuts & dry fruits, a home-baked cake, etc.)

Swiss Army or multipurpose knife

Rubber bands, safety pins, and a whistle (Useful in emergencies.)

Cotton tees should be avoided in favour of 2 Quick Dry t-shirts.

A single pair of track or trekking pants

SPF 50+ sunscreen

A camera is optional.

Nighttime hiking torch with extra batteries.

For a night hike, wear a light jacket.

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