Chikmagalur is a beautiful district situated in the western part of Karnataka. It is widely known for its coffee plantations and pleasant climate. Another popular attraction that Chikmagalur is known for is its Bababudan Giri ranges. Though this was among the underexplored destinations, this hill station thanks to its greenery and picturesque landscapes has earned a lot of attention from tourists from across. The literal meaning of the name Chikmagalur is ‘Land of the younger daughter.’ So what you waiting for go on a Chikmagalur tour from Bangalore.

There is a rich history behind how Chikmagalur got its name. It is told that years ago the land of this district was given as a dowry to the younger daughter of the legendary chief, Rukmangada who ruled Sakrepatna. And this is how it was named. Chikmagalur has rugged terrains, stunning mountain regions, and lowlands too. As it is situated amidst beautiful landscapes and untouched environs, this is one destination that one must explore.

People here also believe that coffee was first made in Chikmagalur. When we ask the locals here and they will tell us that Babu Budan who was a Muslim saint brought the coffee seeds here in 1670 from Yemen and cultivated them here. And the plantations just grew from there and the British also played a big role in the growth. The Central Coffee Research Institution is located here.

Apart from all this, the waterfalls of this region also drew a lot of travelers. There are many waterfalls located in this district as the famous Hebbe falls, Shanti waterfalls, and several others. Chikmagalur is the birthplace of many renowned freedom fighters, poets and also intellectuals, and politicians. Indira Gandhi even once represented Chikmagalur in the Indian Parliament. 

Places to visit in Chikmagalur

Hebbe Falls

This is a stunning waterfall and one of the most sought destinations in this town. This waterfall is also considered to have some medicinal properties. The place is shrouded in dense forests and attracts both nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

One can enjoy nature’s beauty by trekking to this waterfall. Tourists will find exotic coffee estates and rich flora and fauna on their way. The trail is considered to be a favourite one among trekkers.


 Z Point

This is a trekking spot close to Hebbe Falls. A visit to this place ensures not just our relaxation but also our mental peace. This is a great place for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers too. The trek to Z Point consists of thickets, steep hills, and waterfalls. And the viewpoints along the way provide scenic views of its picturesque beauty that allure everyone’s eyes. 


This is one of the best places to visit near Chikmagalur for adventure enthusiasts. Amidst its peaceful ambience and raw beauty, one can engage in activities like biking, trekking and others. It is among the famous trekking spots around the town. It’s the highest peak in Karnataka and offers an amazing view of the valleys, a captivating sunset, and a cool breeze. It’s a beautiful spot from where one can get a bird’s eye view of the hilly landscape and Chikmagalur. One can feel the cold breeze as they climb up the hills.


Baba Budangiri

Baba Budangiri is another high peak near Chikmagalur. It is near Mullayanagiri and is a favourite among trekking and hiking enthusiasts. The grasslands and dense shola forests also offer a variety of flora to explore. And the viewpoints provide stunning views of the plains. One might even spot the wildlife at the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary from the top. The place is also known for the shrine of the Sufi Saint, Hazrat Dada Hayat Khalandar (also called Baba Budan). Both the Hindus and Muslims worship him. 


Kemmangundi is a hill station near Chikmagalur with stunning views and beautifully laid-out ornamental gardens. Mysore King Krishnaraj Wodeyar IV used Kemmangundi place as his summer retreat, and it still offers a perfect retreat for nature lovers.

The Raj Bhavan guest house is a widely known point in Kemmangundi. It also has a children’s park and gardens for kids. One can enjoy breathtaking sunsets and sunrises and treat their eyes to soothing views of the enchanting valleys and mountains. These valleys and hills are also suited for picnics and trekking while offering eye-soothing landscapes.

 Ayyanakere Lake

Ayyanakere Lake is a wonderful tourist spot for solo travellers, couples and friends alike. It’s the kind of place that offers a laid-back atmosphere for one to relax and unwind. It’s considered the biggest lake in the district, with verdant hills and lush greenery all around. 

Jhari Falls

Jhari Falls is also referred to as Buttermilk Falls and is considered to be one of the most peaceful places in Chikmagalur. This scintillating waterfall flows over steep rocks to form a little pool at the bottom.

Dense forests and coffee plantations surround this waterfall. And this place also attracts many nature lovers, wanderers and experience seekers for a visit. It’s also among the famous places to visit in Chikmagalur for family picnics in the lap of nature.

Snuggled amidst mountains, Chikmagalur is one of the best hill stations in Karnataka. Vibrant gardens, beautiful pathways, and gurgling waterfalls dot the length and width of the town. Whether one wants to go for an adventure or looking for a peaceful escape, it fits the bill.

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