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With the rising popularity of live streaming services, most of the leading social media platforms have started their own live streaming services. Furthermore, with the help of these live streaming services, the majority of the online audience enjoys watching different content on a daily basis. This blog is about giving you a short glimpse at YouTube Live and its functionality. In fact, we’ll also brief you on the importance of live streaming platforms for better consumption of content.

Youtube Live: Now Live Stream From Anywhere

With the help of the YouTube Live feature, you can easily connect with your followers and target audience in real-time. In fact, everything is free, making it the most cost-effective solution for streaming your content. For your existing followers on this social media platform, they’ll get the pop-up notification just when you click the “go live“ button on your YouTube channel.


  • Live Streaming allows you to address your audience directly, return praises, and address humorous comments. Deeper connections are made with your audience whenever there is a dialogue between you and them.
  • Physical activities can take a lot of time and money to plan. An excellent substitute for traditional seminars, webinars, and new products that cost less is YouTube Live. Additionally, virtual events make it simpler for more individuals around the world to attend.
  • Going Live on YouTube enables you to answer questions and comments immediately and in real-time, just as with any in-person event, which increases audience satisfaction. In addition to this, the biggest advantage of going live on youtube is the worldwide audience reach. As youtube holds one of the largest online communities, it is also a hub for making your content popular.

Quick Guide To Stream Live On Youtube

Here are some of the quick steps for easily going live on YouTube: In addition to this, by following these steps, you’ll also get an idea of the basic functioning of this platform: 

live streaming icon

It is very simple to identify. All you need to do is click on the YouTube icon in your web browser. Furthermore, you have to tap on the “create” symbol in the web browser version. Along with this, you have to verify your channel and grant access to the camera, location, and microphone. There you go.

Some basic requirements of live streaming on youtube are – 

  • Channel verification is a must and a very fast process to get started with your live content.
  • You should not have any type of restrictions to follow from the past 90 days.
  • Your channel should have at least 50 subscribers before you go live on your youtube channel. In addition to this, once you’re done with your live video, it may take up to 24 hours before you’re able to stream.

Decide Your Stream Type

It basically depends on the device you carry with you most of the time. There are multiple ways by which you can live stream through your youtube channel. These are – 

  • The first and easiest way to stream live is by using your smartphone. However, you can choose between android or IOS devices for your streaming session. All you need to do is install the application on your phone and go live.
  • You only need a computer and a webcam to go live. This is advantageous for straightforward live streams that don’t demand a lot of resources. You may, for instance, have a brief Q&A session or offer your opinions on a certain subject.
  • This is perfect for interactive presentations using the best live streaming service, podcasts, sporting events, concerts, and business gatherings. The encoder option is for you if you wish to use several cameras, microphones, and other devices, share your screen during your Livestream, or do all of those things.

Description Of The Video 

Video description is very important for making your audience aware of the event. In addition to this, you should create eye-catching taglines for your content by following the guidelines for SEO on YouTube. Furthermore, you can also optimize your description along with your thumbnails.

In addition to this, you can also add CTAs to your description or include them in the stream if you want your viewers to visit your website, social media profiles, or any other resource during or after they watch your live stream. 

Go Live 

After following the above steps, the last thing remaining is going live with your streaming session. With the help of YouTube Live, you get access to other amazing features such as monetizing your video, live chat during the video session, and much more. In addition to this, you can also schedule your live stream for any time of the day. Some additional features of the platform are – 


  • You may use YouTube to highlight quick clips from your live streams and upload them as stand-alone videos to your channel. This makes it simple to reuse Livestream content, which is ideal for presentations that cover a broad range of subjects, like a Q&A session. You can make several highlights, each highlighting a different subject or query.
  • The ability to monitor your livestream’s success in real-time across all three platforms—mobile, tablet, and desktop—is a helpful feature of YouTube Live. You can use this to analyze your involvement and identify any problems as soon as they arise.
  • Video premieres are not truly live like live streams. They are interactive videos with live chat and other features that are uploaded and scheduled to play at specific times. So even though it’s not technically live, it still creates a real-time interactive experience with your audience.

Final Thoughts

No matter where your audience is situated, live streaming is a special way to interact with them personally. You can use YouTube Live to grow your business in a ton of different ways, including by hosting live events, workshops, Q&A sessions, and product launches. 

In addition to this, with the help of some of the best live streaming platforms, you can do wonders with your content. In addition to this, you can also make your content reach a global audience and earn good fame through it.


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