When you find your dream 5G mobile phone at an unbelievably cheap price, you might feel at the top of the world. With the current high price for flagship phones, everyone cannot afford their dream phones. People are more likely to jump on such steal deals when they find one. But at the same time, there are high chances for you to get scammed with an old phone that looks new. Even when you are buying a second-hand mobile, you should watch out for refurbished phones as they are easy to get damaged again.   

Refurbished phones are the phones that are sent back to the manufacturers for any reported damage. The company accepts it back, repairs it, and releases again as a refurbished phone. At first look, the phone might look completely new. If you are buying them at a used phone’s price rate, it is worth your money. But if the seller claims it to be a new phone and sells to you at a new phone’s price, you are getting scammed. If you pay a little bit of attention to some details while online mobile shopping, you can easily find out whether your phone is brand-new or refurbished. Here are some ways to check whether the phone is new or used:   

Check the cover box and physical condition  

Carefully check the cover of the box. Check everything inside the box is original from the brand. If you are ordering the phone online, opt for an open-box delivery. Carefully check the warranty card given inside the box. See whether the brand and the accessories match one to one. But this is a very basic check you can do externally. You can’t confirm the legibility of the phone only with this step.  

Also carefully check the physical condition of the new mobile phone. Check if there are any scratches, or lines on the screen or display. Light the screen up to easily find these irregularities on the screen.   

Using IMEI number  

The physical condition might not give you assurance about the age and condition of the phone.  Every device has a unique serial number called the International Mobile Equipment Identity number or IMEI number. It is possible to use it to look up a device’s country of manufacture, manufacturer, and model number.  

You can use the IMEI number to check whether it is a new mobile phone or a refurbished one. You can dial #06# to view the IMEI number of your device. There is a good chance that your gadget has been pre-activated and refurbished if there is a significant gap between the manufacturing date and the purchase date. If you want to check in detail, to find out when your equipment was activated, you can visit the website of the original manufacturer.   

The device is identified through the serial number given by the manufacturers. You should also check the about section of the device. Cross-check whether the details match the details in the box.  

If your latest smartphone model seems to have a cover that is cheap in material, then there are chances that the device is refurbished. When you buy from an authorized seller, you can request their customer care center for more details about your device. They are bound to provide you with the details of the original manufacturer of the phone.   

It is always safe to purchase from authorized online mobile shops in UAE. Make sure to research the details of the phone before you purchase it. Get an understanding of the market value of your targeted phone. Never buy phones from unauthorized sellers or through online social media sellers. You are more likely to get scammed by such sellers. If you are not buying online, make sure to visit the official store. You can avail best mobile offers on the latest smartphone models from authorized online mobile stores in UAE 

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