Most people in the voice over industry think they need an agent to succeed. However, this is not always the situation. Voice over actors have more options than ever before to advance their careers because to the proliferation of the internet in recent years. Contrast the services of a regular talent agent with those of the many voice over exchanges. The opportunity to create a personal website on the platform and advertise it in digital assets like email signatures and letterhead is a common bonus enjoyed by regular members. You may submit a vocal sample, a detailed bio, and a photo of yourself. However, they really shine when applied to the high-quality service that is usually provided. You’ll soon be receiving job leads in your inbox, where you can then proceed to submit auditions and finish projects for potential clients. You will have to pay a significant sum up front, which is a major drawback.

A good agent will market your voice over services to potential clients and advocate on your behalf in the business. A mediocre provider would merely upload your recording to their server and cross their fingers that potential customers find it there. A proactive attitude will do wonders for your professional future.

A voice-over agent is not allowed to charge a joining fee in all countries. Before signing on the dotted line, verify that your prospective agent is paid entirely through commission. The rate is often between 15% and 20%, though this might vary depending on the market and the particular agency. It’s important to remember that some reputable agencies may try to persuade you to sign an exclusive agreement in exchange for a concessionary commission payment. In other words, even the business you get yourself may be subject to a small token payment of say, roughly five percent. Their reasoning is that the income you will earn from the job they find for you will far exceed the cost of the introduction. Find the best agency for your requirements by researching your options. If you are unsure about a contract’s terms, you should consult an attorney.

You have made the decision to hire an agency to represent you, but where do you even begin looking? Unfortunately, market forces require this outcome. Just because there are more voice over actor than agents doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue a career in the industry.

Creating a great showreel that demonstrates your ability to bring in business for a representation is the first step. Keep in mind that no one wants to listen to a full-length album of your best voice over work as a demo. Send a CD and cover letter to an agent explaining your interest in working with them. Put the spotlight on how fresh and exciting you are despite your lack of experience if you are just starting out. Please be honest while describing your voice. Do not try to pass off poorly-made “in a world where” trailers as your own if you are not capable of doing so.

Do not let the rejection of an agency deter you from pursuing your goals. Try asking if you may reapply in a few months or if they know of any other agencies that could be interest in representing you instead. Make an effort to land a job on your own accord; doing so will look great on your CV and show companies that you are proactive and hardworking.

When a client compliments your voice, you can be sure that the agencies will take notice.

Keep in mind that while an agent isn’t strictly necessary to start into voice over acting, it can certainly help.


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