Mobile Games On The Rise: More Sales Than PC And Consoles

Mobile Games On The Rise: More Sales Than PC And Consoles

Mobile games are everywhere, and if you have a smartphone, you can’t really avoid them. In fact, the often fun games are so popular that, according to a report by

Pokemon Go Spoofer For Android Free gaming industry analyst Newzoo, they sell more than PC games and console games combined.

Mobile games are a popular thing to do on the way to work or school or while sitting on the couch in between. A report from Newzoo, a company that looks at data about the games industry, shows how popular they are. In the past few decades, most video games have been played on consoles and PCs. However, mobile games are becoming more and more popular.

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More than 6 billion people around the world have smartphones, so it’s not surprising that mobile games

Instagram Story Background Templates Are They An Indispensable Tool will make up about 52% of the total sales in the industry by 2021. This means that the market for mobile games is bigger than the market for PC games and console games combined. It is also the fastest-growing part of the gaming industry.

Mobile Games Make Sure That Games Are Popular In General.

But console and PC games are not lost in the sea of mobile games, despite what you might think now. The gaming industry, on the other hand, is growing steadily and is benefiting from the huge rise of mobile games. Big game companies like Bethesda and Nintendo have been putting out their own mobile games for smartphones for a long time and are also getting a piece of the $93 billion pie.

The popularity of free-to-play games, the rise of smartphones in the past few years, and the fact that there aren’t too many mobile phone operating systems can all explain why mobile games are everywhere. Android makes it easy for developers to make games that work on a wide range of smartphones, which helps them reach more people. iOS is the only other competitor. Also, the corona pandemic is making people more interested in games while making it harder for large teams to work on AAA games for PCs and consoles.

In 2021, Chinese developers and publishers like Tencent (Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile) and Mihoyo (Genshin Impact) had the largest share of the global mobile games market. The US made about $15 billion from mobile games, while China made about $30 billion, which is twice as much. Newzoo thinks that sales of mobile games will keep going up over the next few years, thanks to fast Internet and more people getting smartphones.

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