Canned Motor Pumps

That uses an electric motor to drive the impeller, which is encased within a sealed can or enclosure. These pumps offer several benefits over traditional centrifugal pumps, including increased reliability, energy efficiency, and contamination prevention. In this blog, we will explore the top canned motor pumps on the market and discuss their features, benefits, and applications.

Top Canned Motor Pumps:

  • Fnengg Canned Motor Pump:

Fnengg is a leading manufacturer of canned motor pumps, offering a wide range of models for various applications. Their pumps are known for their high efficiency and reliability, and are suitable for handling abrasive and corrosive fluids.


  • Sealed can enclosure to prevent contamination and wear of the impeller
  • High efficiency motor for reduced energy consumption
  • Compact design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Wide range of models for different pressure and flow rate requirements


  • Low maintenance and long lifespan
  • High reliability and uptime
  • Suitable for handling abrasive and corrosive fluids
  • Energy efficient and cost-effective


  • Chemical processing
  • Oil and gas
  • Power generation
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Pharmaceuticals and food processing
  • Marine

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