With more than 30 million subscribers, the viddie streaming service isn’t the only platform that caters to the anime otaku. There are several ways you can become an anime otaku and enjoy it to the fullest. The first step is admitting that you have a problem. Are you? Anime or Otaku, these terms either have a negative connotation or a neutral one, depending on who you ask. To some people, they represent a geeky crowd with no sense of social graces, while others see them as a way of discovering something new and exciting. No matter what your take is on this subject, there’s no denying that being an anime otaku can be both fun and challenging at the same time.

What is an Anime Otaku?

Simply put, an anime otaku is a fan of anime and manga. Anime is a Japanese animation genre that is famous for its lengthy series, which can stretch for several seasons or even years. Anime also has several subgenres that depict different themes, ranging from science fiction to historical settings. While anime is usually targeted towards children and adolescents, it has become increasingly popular with adults as well. Why Become an Anime Otaku? Anime and manga are fantastic mediums for storytelling. The characters are relatable, the settings are fascinating and the plots are compelling. However, the true appeal of this genre is the sense of escapism it provides. Given the right medium, anything is possible. Lu Feng, an anime otaku, explains that “Anime is a form of art that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. There are no limits in the imagination when it comes to making an anime, which is why an anime can resonate with people so deeply.” The Otaku Room Project: How to become an anime otaku Anime is a hard genre to get into, mainly because of its diversity. There are so many different anime genres, from romance to action, that it can be hard to choose which one to start with. We’ve put together this guide to help you get started. First, you’ll want to figure out what type of anime you like to watch. Once you know that, you’ll be able to find more suitable anime. In this part of the guide, we will cover the different types of anime, followed by suggestions on what shows to watch next.

The Otaku Room Project: How to become an anime otaku

Anime has become so popular that there are now entire rooms created exclusively for watching it. The Otaku Room Project is one such room. They have a big room, couches, and a ton of anime to choose from. They also have an iPad in the corner with streaming apps so you can watch your shows on the go. If you love anime but don’t have the time or energy to spend driving to a city with a huge anime room, this is the perfect solution. Another great option is to find a local anime meetup. This is a great way to find like-minded people who share your interests and have a great way to socialize. If you have an area with a lot of college students, you could try asking your campus event board for information on anime-related events that happen near you.

Why Become an Anime Otaku?

The appeal of anime and manga is difficult to put into words. This is partly because they are so different from other mediums, and partly because they deliver such a powerful message. On a basic level, they allow us to escape into another world, where anything is possible. Let’s take a look at a few of the main reasons to become an anime otaku. Anime is a Way to Escape Reality: Anime and manga are a great way to escape reality and immerse yourself in something totally new and exciting. You can lose yourself in their fantasy worlds and be transported to entirely different times and places. Anime and manga are a Way to Meet New People: When you’re into anime, you’re likely to meet a lot of new people. It’s easy to get lost in this genre, so it’s important to keep yourself grounded. An anime meetup is a great way to meet people outside of your normal social circle. Anime & Manga Are a Great Way to Keep Your Mind Sharp: Anime & manga are a great source of entertainment, but they’re also a great way to keep your mind sharp. There are many studies that show that people who watch a lot of anime tend to have higher IQs than those who don’t.


Anime is a fascinating art form that allows us to escape into a world of fantasy. It can transport you to entirely different times and places, as well as to new social circles. It’s also a great way to keep your mind sharp while having fun. To become an anime otaku, all you need is to admit that you have a problem and that you want to be an anime otaku. Once you’ve done the first two things, you’ll find that it’s easier to become an anime otaku.

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