Taking part in local events demonstrates the company’s commitment to the community. It allows for direct interaction with people, fostering stronger relationships and building goodwill. Companies of all types and sizes, including Lupient Automotive Group, commonly take part in community events, by hosting events, making donations and more. Jeffrey Lupient is the CEO and the President of the Lupient Automotive Group

Jeffrey Lupient shares insights into community events and initiatives in which Lupient Automotive Group had a contribution

In 2016, Lupient Automotive Group threw a successful fundraiser for the Minneapolis Parks Foundation and Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board. More than $35,000 was raised at this fundraiser. To effectively host the event, a portion of the Lupient’s showroom was cleared. Tables were set up in the showroom and filled with checkered tablecloths, wild flowers and delicious picnic food. As the event began, silent auction tables started to bustle with bidders as guests waged friendly battles over nights out on the town, park passes, Minnesota Twins tickets and more. The entire event was a grand celebration of the amazing Minneapolis parks system. It also showcased how the Lupient Automotive Group is dedicated to the local parks and the community in general. It underlined how the company was truly invested and interested in the well-being of the community beyond its business interests.

Other Community Events

The fundraiser for the Minneapolis Parks Foundation and Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board was just one example. Many other initiatives in regard to community development have been undertaken by the Lupient Automotive Group. For instance, a $100,000 donation by Barbara Lupient through the Minneapolis Parks Foundation helped get the project of a new recreation center at Northeast Athletic Field underway. Northeast Athletic Field Park had enjoyed longtime support from the Lupient family, which was also instrumental in funding the construction of Jim Lupient Water Park and youth scholarships for programs at the water park. 

The first phase of the park’s redevelopment included a gym with indoor walking track, classrooms, activity space and a community learning kitchen. This project kicked off with an exuberant shovel-fest. The expansive, rambling area south of 16th between Johnson and Fillmore (and beyond) has been without a building since the park board and former Putnam School parted ways. Development of a recreation center at Northeast Athletic Field was for the benefit of the community. Ground was ceremonially broken to mark the start of the project. This event was attended by parks planners Dana Murdoch and Doron Clark, who facilitated the community process that made a 25-plus-year master plan for the area to be executed as funding became available.

Jeffrey Lupient promotes a Culture of Giving Back via his Community Events

Involvement in community events aligns with the values of a family owned company like Lupient Automotive Group, while promoting a culture of giving back and social responsibility.  The leadership style maintained by Jeffrey Lupient of Lupient Automotive Group additionally is far off from the untrustworthy, dishonest auto dealer often found in media. He always ensures to listen to his prospective clients and lets them pick and choose a vehicle that suits their needs.

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