Moving can be a pretty exciting time. It comes with a number of new bills, including rent or a mortgage, utility hookups, and more. Hence, apart from hiring a good mover like Safe Ship Moving Services, one needs to take steps to save money during the move. The cost of a move can add stress to the experience. Hence, certain cost saving strategies must be followed by people to reduce moving expenses and maximize their budgets.

Safe Ship Moving Services marks pointers to move on a budget

No matter whether one is moving across town or to a different state altogether, the process of relocation is often riddled with unexpected costs. A little planning can go a long way in keeping costs down and reducing financial stress. Here are a few tips to save money on a move:

  • Make a budget in advance: Before anything else, one has to figure out how much money they can actually afford to spend on the move, and plan accordingly. People must make a proper checklist so that they do not end up overlooking any expense.
  • Examine the appliances: If one is moving major appliances to the new home, they must account for professional servicing or installation costs. Moving old appliances that require frequent repairs might not be worth the cost.
  • Sell or donate excess possessions: One has to think of the items they would not need in the new space, and take steps to sell it off. This would be a good way to make some extra cash and avoid paying to transport those items. A good rule of thumb to identify items that would be not needed in a new home is to think about when they have been last used. If one has worn certain clothes, used an appliance or needed an object in the past two years, it would be a good idea to sell or donate them. One can arrange a yard sale to sell off their old possessions and make extra cash. Yard sales tend to attract locals of all ages, and are a good way to part with items quickly to get back to packing. Today there are also online boards available where one can post belongings for sale. Things that don’t get sold can be donated to a local rescue mission, thrift store, salvation army, or hospital.
  • Choose reputable movers: Many people opt for a DIY approach and avoid hiring movers to save money. But by doing so they may end up spending more on packing supplies. Hence, it would be a good idea to hire reputed movers like Safe Ship Moving Services for the process. People should ideally get estimates from multiple movers and compare them before making a choice, so as to find the most affordable service provider.

Deciding when to move can impact how much one spends in the process. Moving during the summer or just before school starts is generally more costly. Hence, moving during the winter or spring when there is less demand may help people to save money.

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