Career development is a lifelong process. There are many factors that influence the career development of a person, including their personality, values, abilities, interests and background. As per Harit Gaba, career counselling helps people to dig deeper into their interests and passion, so as to make better academic and career related choices. It is a systematic process that aids an individual to understand one’s self, as well as the world of work, to choose the right career path.

Harit Gaba marks a few reasons why one might require career counselling

Career counselling involves discovering one’s career goals and identifying the best possible path. It is a good way to clarify the values, strengths and career options one has, so as to make informed decisions in regards to their educational and professional life. Seeking assistance from a career counsellor is much like having a personal guide who listens to the concerns of a person, understands their aspirations and helps them to navigate the complexities of the job market. Going for career counselling is a good way to develop a career path that aligns with the personal and professional goals of a person. It can be an empowering journey that leads to a more fulfilling and rewarding career.

People must go for career counselling if:

  • They have no clue about their goals in life: A lot of people, especially students or recent graduates, often feel uncertain about their career path. They might be unsure about their interests, and strengths, or how to align them with potential career options. Career counselling help in self-assessment, enabling individuals to explore their skills, values, personality traits, and interests to make an informed career decision. It also involves assessing what kind of a lifestyle a person wants, and subsequently identifying the career path that leads to that lifestyle. Very often, advice from family and friends is not enough. Specialized insights and support of career counsellors are needed to make the right choice.
  • They need to feel more fulfilled in their current job: Lack of personal interest and fulfillment can hurt both the professional drive and contentment of a person. By evaluating the values and interests of a person, a career counsellor can help them to determine the best path forward. It is entirely possible for people to find more satisfying work by trying out new avenues, no matter which stage of life they are in.
  • They are experiencing burnout: Burnout implies to a situation when stress from work causes a person to become mentally, physically and emotionally drained. Mental health, personal relationships and work productivity, all of it can suffer due to burnout. Seeking career counselling can help people to figure out how to deal with pressure and prevent burning out.
  • They have gaps in their resume: Very often, employers are not only concerned with what is in the resume, but also ask questions about what isn’t there. Gaps in employment can often prove to be a challenge for candidates in the job seeking process. A good career counsellor would help people to determine the best way to handle gaps in the resume, and create strategies for explaining those gaps to prospective employers.

In the opinion of Harit Gaba, career counselling can prove to be a valuable resource for individuals at various stages of their professional journey, and help them to enjoy a rewarding career over the long term.

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