Owning a Tesla Model Y is an exhilarating experience, and accessorizing your electric vehicle allows you to customize and protect it to your heart’s desire. From keeping your car’s interior clean to safeguarding the touch screen display, choosing the right accessories is vital. In this article, we will explore the importance of Model Y floor mats and screen protectors, along with other must-have Tesla accessories. Let’s dive in and discover how you can enhance your Tesla ownership experience!

Model Y Floor Mats: Keeping Style and Cleanliness in Check

Floor mats are an essential accessory for any car, and the Tesla Model Y is no exception. Here’s why investing in high-quality floor mats is crucial:

Superior Protection:

Model Y floor mats shield your car’s flooring from dirt, spills, and daily wear and tear. Look for mats made from durable materials such as rubber or heavy-duty carpet that can withstand the challenges of everyday use. These mats will ensure your Tesla’s interior stays clean and well-maintained.

Custom Fit:

Opt for floor mats designed specifically for the Model Y to ensure a perfect fit. Custom-fit mats are tailored to match the floor contours of your Tesla, providing maximum coverage and protection. They should have features like secure anchoring mechanisms or non-slip backing to prevent movement and maintain their position.

Easy Maintenance:

Choose floor mats that are easy to clean and maintain. Look for options that can be quickly removed, shaken out, or washed with water and mild soap. This convenience makes it effortless to keep your Model Y’s interior spotless and fresh.

Model Y Screen Protector: Preserving the Beauty of Your Touchscreen

The touchscreen display in your Model Y is the command center of your driving experience. Protect it from scratches and smudges with a reliable screen protector:

High-Quality Material:

Invest in a tempered glass screen protector that offers exceptional clarity and scratch resistance. Look for one that is specifically designed for the Model Y’s touchscreen dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit. Additionally, choose a protector that is fingerprint and smudge-resistant, maintaining the screen’s visibility and touch responsiveness.

Easy Installation:

Opt for a screen protector that is easy to install and bubble-free. Some options come with installation kits that include cleaning wipes, dust removal stickers, and alignment frames to simplify the installation process. This way, you can enjoy a crystal-clear touchscreen display without any hassle.

Long-Lasting Durability:

Ensure the screen protector you choose is durable and impact-resistant, offering long-lasting protection against accidental bumps or scratches. A reliable screen protector will preserve the beauty and functionality of your Model Y’s touchscreen for years to come.

Other Essential Tesla Accessories:

In addition to floor mats and screen protectors, here are a few other must-have accessories for your Tesla Model Y:

Charging Accessories:

Invest in additional charging cables, adapters, and portable charging solutions to ensure you’re always prepared for long drives or unexpected charging needs.

Trunk and Frunk Organizers:

Keep your Tesla’s storage spaces organized with custom-fit trunk and frunk organizers. These accessories offer compartments, pockets, and dividers to maximize space utilization and keep your belongings in order.

Car Care Products:

Maintain the exterior shine of your Model Y with high-quality car care products, such as microfiber towels, gentle cleaners, and paint protection solutions.


Personalizing and protecting your Tesla Model Y is an exciting journey made possible with the right accessories. Ensure the cleanliness and longevity of your car’s interior with custom-fit floor mats, while preserving the beauty of your touchscreen display with a high-quality screen protector. Additionally, consider investing in other essential accessories like charging solutions, trunk organizers, and car care products to enhance your Tesla ownership experience. With these carefully selected accessories, your Model Y will be a stylish and well-equipped electric vehicle that reflects your personality and values. Enjoy the drive!


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