An organic following in social media refers to followers who follow your profile after discovering it through search engine results, their feeds, and stories. They are real followers, and many social media users value such a following as it hints at credibility.

While many Instagrammers dream about getting a stable organic following, it needs immense patience, which is challenging for most. Such a scenario calls for third-party utilities that can help with followers. Followers Gallery is an excellent example of such a tool that promises you free Instagram likes.

Hang tight as we look at how this tool can help boost your organic Instagram following and build your Instagram reach.

Signing Up

You need to register to access this tool’s services. The sign-up process is straightforward, requiring you to visit, its website, and provide details like your email, username, and password. Later, you sign in and confirm your email to activate the account.

While on the website, you can peruse resources like the blog and free tools. Articles in the blog section will give you more information about the Followers Gallery and tips for using it for the best experience.

Under the free tools menu, you will find the free Instagram followers counter and the Instagram username generator. The former gives you an accurate figure of your following, while the latter helps you create a unique username. A standout username will help with your organic following by attracting other users to your profile.

You should download Followers Gallery’s app for easy use. It is a multiplatform application with versions for various operating systems.

Getting Followers and Likes with Followers Gallery

As earlier hinted, Followers Gallery can help with your organic following. You use it to build your initial follower base, which will naturally attract other Instagram users, especially if you have amazing content. Let us look at how to get Instagram numbers with this tool.

Free Followers and Likes

You can start by getting free Instagram likes and followers with Followers Gallery. You need to rake up coins to get the free numbers. You can get the coins by handling tasks from the task panel, sharing the app with your contacts, and participating in the lucky draw. Use the virtual funds to buy followers and likes.

Buying Followers and Likes

Alternatively, you can buy Instagram figures from the store menu. The followers and likes will reflect immediately after you complete your end of the deal.

If you want an organic-like following, go for the auto Instagram followers option. You buy into this deal by picking the best monthly package, and you will get a specific number of Instagram followers each day for the plan’s duration.

The Instagram numbers you get from this tool are 100% real: Followers Gallery does not deal with bots, which can lower your online integrity if discovered. Use the attained follower base to build an organic following.


If you are looking for ways how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes, Followers Gallery can give you the best answer. No need to worry about getting an organic following with Followers Gallery by your side. Sign up and use it to create a solid follower base that will attract organic followers.


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