Stickers can be a great way to boost your marketing goals or improve your sales. Most people love stickers and enjoy decorating their laptops, notebooks, and other personal objects with them. Utilizing same-day sticker printing gives you high-quality stickers delivered quickly to your home or office. By either selling stickers in your shop or giving them away at conferences and events, you can improve your business or personal brand with unique designs and fast delivery.

Formatting Your File for Same-Day Sticker Printing

If you want to get any printed product quickly, the most important thing you’ll need to do is make sure your file is properly formatted. If it isn’t, then you may delay the printing process, or worse – you could get your stickers with discoloration, unclear text, or cut-off design elements. There are three main formatting settings you need to check before sending your design to the printer.


The DPI (dots per inch) setting tells the printer how many dots, also known as pixels, to include in every inch of your image. The smaller the image, the fewer dots you need to make a crisp and clear product. But even though stickers tend to be small, you still need to have a relatively high DPI to get them to print properly. Making sure your DPI is set to at least 300 will help you get high-quality same-day sticker printing.

Bleed Area

Even though machines are more precise than humans, there’s still a small margin of error that can occur during the printing process. When cutting out stickers, about ¼” around the sides may be lost due to a shift in the paper or cutting mechanism. By adding a bleed area around the edge of your design, you ensure that no important information or design elements get cut off during production.

Color Spectrum

Having the right colors on your sticker is important, but the colors you see on the screen aren’t always the colors that print. This is because screens use the RGB (red, green, blue) spectrum to create colors, whereas printers use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) spectrum. If you try to print in RGB, you’ll likely end up with discoloration. Instead, make sure you switch the spectrum to CMYK and adjust the colors accordingly. It’s also helpful to print a test sheet on regular paper at home to ensure the colors match what you want.

Same-Day Sticker Printing Options

Getting same-day sticker printing is all about speed in ordering. To help speed the process along, it’s a good idea to do the research on what you want ahead of time. There are many different options for same-day sticker printing, including printing material, finishes, and the size and shape of the sticker. Knowing which options you want to choose before you start placing your order can help you get your order in earlier so that your stickers print on time.


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