Have you decided to create a logo for your business? If so, it’s a wise business decision. Having a logo can increase brand recognition, make your company more professional to your audience, and allow you to advertise on promotional materials such as mugs, pens, t-shirts, etc.

The best part about designing a logo for a business is that the entire process can be done online using Turbologo’s logo design service.

Ask yourself a few key questions: What are the core values of your business? What logo designs have competitors in your industry chosen? How and where will you use your logos? All of these questions need to be answered before you begin the logo design process.

Ways to make a logo online

First of all, choose the type of logo design software you want to use. If you have outstanding artistic ability, you may want to try your hand at Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Indesign. Keep in mind that these programs can be quite expensive, but when used correctly, they can produce great results. If you have a rough idea of how and what elements a logo will be made up of, then customize the options on the Turbologo website and you’ll get variations of unique logos in a couple of minutes.

How to choose a design

Scroll through the suggested logo design options and choose the logo that you think best represents your business and meets your design requirements. If you don’t want to further customize your logo, select the “Save Logo” button. If you want to make additional changes to your logo design, you can edit and make the necessary changes to the logo.

Basic guidelines for choosing a logo design:

  1. Before you start designing, research the market and create a few sketches. This way, you can learn the trends, branding features for a particular area of the market.
  2. the logo should be universal.

If the logo has several elements (a combination of name and icon, for example), separately, they should still cause an association with the brand. Therefore, you should check the logo for versatility, before you develop other elements.

  1. Each of the following elements should be carefully selected:
  2. a) Font. Many popular brands use exclusively text as their logo, so the choice of font was one of the most important steps.

When using a popular font, the spacing of the letters and the density of the text must be adjusted intelligently to get the perfect result.

  1. b) Color. Many brands are associated with consumers through logo color and corporate colors. So, a successful color choice can bring success or failure. Color should be chosen carefully, taking into account some aspects:
  • Combining colors from the color wheel;
  • Try using two colors;
  • Study the psychology of color;
  • If you have ideas, be sure to take risks and experiment.
  1. c) Emblem. You can use the emblem as one element or combine it with text. This option has been chosen by companies like Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Shell.
  2. Checklist logo:
  • A direct or indirect association with a company’s business;
  • Reflects the idea, certain values of the company;
  • Universal and adaptable as a brand identity;
  • Font, text, composition and graphic elements are visually balanced.


The logo is the centerpiece of a company’s corporate identity and the foundation upon which the brand itself is built. The perfect logo doesn‘t get old, it’s timeless.

Avoid overly embellished options. The design should be moderately understated, but interesting and memorable.

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