Extract Attachments Out of Outlook MSG Files

Are you looking for a way to extract attachments from Outlook MSG files? If you answered yes, then read this entire article and stick with us until the end. The complete method for this query is provided in the following write-up. Let’s get begin without further ado: –
MSG files, as we all know, are a file format used by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange to store email messages, contacts, tasks, notes, and so on. So, what happens if you want to extract attachments from Outlook MSG files but don’t know how? So, in this article, we will go over various methods for quickly resolving the aforementioned query.


What is the process for extracting attachments from Outlook MSG files?

There are two straightforward ways to answer this question if we talk about methods. We’ll start off by talking about the manual process, which costs nothing at all. However, this specific method will only function if Outlook is correctly installed and configured on your local system.

In addition, one can choose the straightforward and much more secure professional solution, which ensures that your efforts will yield results. Let’s examine both approaches closely.

Manual Attachment Download from Outlook MSG Files

Here, follow the steps listed below for a simple procedure:

  • Drag and drop your MSG files into Outlook after starting Microsoft Outlook.
  • A message must be double-clicked to be opened.
  • You can view your attachments in the preview pane.
  • After choosing your attachments, go to the menu bar and drop your MSG files there.
  • To extract attachments from Outlook MSG files, navigate to a location.
  • After the last file has been finished, one can now drag and drop their MSG file.
  • Once you have extracted every attachment to your desired location, repeat these same steps.

There Are Issues with This Manual Process

If users need to download multiple attachments from Outlook MSG files, they must go through the same procedure again. The high risk of data loss and corruption makes this, however, a time-consuming process. Therefore, using an automated solution is the alternate method of extracting attachments from MSG files.

Save Attachments from Outlook MSG Files Automatically

You can simply rely on the expert tool Outlook Attachment Extractor Software if the manual approach has failed you. Users can extract attachments from Outlook MSG files using this software. MSG attachments can also be recovered using this tool without having Outlook installed locally.

It also has a user-friendly design that is advantageous to users of all technical backgrounds. Multiple attachments from Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and journals are easily downloadable.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Using This Application

Here, follow the instructions listed below:-

Browse MSG file

  • Using the Add File option in the panel, you can now add your MSG file.
  • To keep the folder hierarchy, use the Maintain Folder Hierarchy option.

msg email

  • Next, decide where you want to save the attachments from your multiple Outlook MSG files.
  • To start the process, click Extract Attachments at the end.


This blog discusses the most dependable and secure methods for extracting attachments from MSG files. Users are free to choose any of the available methods, but the manual method can be time-consuming and requires you to repeat the same steps for each attachment you have. Therefore, using the professional solution provided here would be the safest course of action.

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