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Winning Star pressure Cooker 6l..

Winning Star pressure Cooker large capacity and specialized features for both white and brown rice allow it to cook any variety of rice to perfection. There is no need to watch or stir the rice because it will automatically switch to Keep-Warm once it is finished.
With the help of Unique Sensor Logic Technology, cooking temperatures are automatically optimized to improve flavor and texture. This on-board microcomputer “thinks” for itself.
It simultaneously steams nourishing and healthy food. While rice cooks below, healthy steaming of meats and vegetables is possible thanks to the Steam Tray!
Save time by using the Quick Rice function, which can reduce the cooking time for rice by up to 50%.

Winning Star pressure Cooker combines the benefits of the rice cookers, pressure cookers, vacuum thermal pots, and electric stewing pots currently on the market.
It is extremely effective, simple to use, and safe. Updated one-touch cooking features, a solidly constructed structure, and a standout design.
The Ultimate Rice Cooker is regarded as the perfect kitchen assistant for all modern families.
Healthy Cooking The design of an airtight cooker preserves food nutrition and original flavor while also requiring less oil during the cooking process, greatly improving the healthiness of your diet.
Safe and environmentally friendly Cooking is safe even when there are children present because there is no open flame or spillage during the cooking process.
High Efficiency Non-stick inner pot, sturdy outer pot, and stainless steel body. Saving energy by up to 60% and reducing operation time by 40%.

What is the experience like to use an all-in-one electric pressure cooker?

Without recipes, it can be difficult to understand the range of multicooker functions, so the Electric Pressure Cooker’s separate instruction booklet was a big plus. Cooking is made more difficult by the fact that most of the recipes are written in cups rather than metric, despite the existence of a conversion chart.

Why would someone buy an all-in-one electric pressure cooker?

Although the pressure cooker itself is loaded with useful features and does its job well, there aren’t any instructions or simple recipes available. . While slightly more expensive than comparable products, it makes up for this with a larger capacity and better build quality.

Winning Star pressure Cooker Key Feature include the following:
Brand: Winning Star .
Capacity: 6 Litres .
Multi-function pressure cooker .
High pressure cooking keeps food nutrient-rich .
Removable pot and lid for easy cleaning
Voltage: 240V
Multiple built-in cooking modes Faster. Heat Element:480g Circular Bottom Heating
Inner Pot:580g Aluminum No-Stick Coating Pot
Out Body:Full Body 0.35mm Thickness SS

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