Do you want to travel without having to leave your home? The exotic style is what you need. Contrary to the urban industrial atmosphere and the refined and minimalist Scandinavian decoration, it is tropical and unique in our interiors. In a bedroom, it also brings a very soothing atmosphere, thus promoting sleep and rest. Inspired by traditional Japanese furniture or oriental atmospheres, it gives your sleeping space an end-of-the-world air. How to decorate an exotic bedroom? Between the natural and bright colors, the ethnic and neutral furniture, as well as the elements appealing to vegetation and nature, play on the details and let yourself be transported all year round.

The key materials of the exotic style

Natural materials are very popular in an exotic style bedroom. They can be seen wonderfully on furniture and decorative accessories.


Wood is a must in the development of an exotic interior. Whether on the floor (parquet) or for furniture, wood creates a warm atmosphere and brings a natural touch to a room with an exotic atmosphere. In this sense, we opt more particularly for raw wood or dark colored wood. Thus, teak, pine, mango, wenge, acacia and mahogany will look wonderful in this room. With its raw appearance, wood also offers great strength, excellent durability over time and incomparable stability. In short, wood is a safe bet in the layout of an exotic interior.


Rattan fits perfectly into an exotic interior decoration. Rattan comes from the palm tree, it is generally native to Africa or Asia. A rattan piece of furniture or accessory has a natural aesthetic and allure, bringing a very authentic and charming touch to the room. It comes in several shapes and types of furniture, like the rattan cane fronts that will give character to your room. To keep its appearance for a long time, it is necessary to maintain it.


Very trendy at the moment, bamboo decorates a jungle-style interior wonderfully well. With its typical look, it brings a touch of freshness and provides a relaxing and comforting atmosphere in the bedroom. Its greatest asset is seen in its vivacity and its ecological aspect. Bamboo is a choice without fault of taste to highlight the exotic side of the room. There are thus more and more furniture and decorations made of bamboo.

How to set up an exotic-inspired bedroom?

To best furnish an exotic bedroom, it is imperative to make the choice of furniture. Since the exotic atmosphere is meant to be simplistic, we only bet on the essential furniture, such as the bed, the bedside table, the armchair and some storage furniture that will give an ethnic style to the room.

A Japanese-inspired bed

The bed is an essential in a bedroom. To be able to make it suitable for exotic decoration, it must have a raw appearance or use visual signs reminiscent of Japanese furniture such as futons. This choice will allow it to stand out from the other elements that make up the room. For this, we put on a solid wood bed, preferably with a low frame structure for a minimalist side. Low beds are appreciated by fans of sleeping close to the ground. It can also accommodate a headboard to enhance the design. As for the choice of finishes, it’s up to you, but the dark colors reinforce the warmth of the room. This is particularly the case of wenge beds, an exotic essence that will give an ethnic universe to the bedroom.

A beautiful rattan chair

The armchair also has its place in the bedroom, it is used for reading books and for moments of rest. As a result, it takes an important place in the bedroom. In a room with an exotic atmosphere, we particularly favor rattan armchairs. Highly designed and aesthetic, they highlight craftsmanship and bring a natural, warm and comforting touch to the intimate room. Combined with a suitable seat and backrest, the armchair transforms the living room into a sanctuary of well-being par excellence. We also like the free and breathable feeling it gives off.

Ethnic style storage furniture

To avoid cluttering the intimate room, we integrate beautiful wooden furniture of ethnic inspiration. Go for collections now on homary.com! A colonial-style wardrobe or chest of drawers will bring a crazy charm to the room. Exotic solid wood with a dark hue, for example, is a great way to bring this atmosphere into an interior universe.

Tips for decorating an exotic bedroom

The exotic bedroom appreciates the details. It honors the natural elements and therefore everything that can make you think of the natural. To this end, we refer to the choice of colors, wall and floor coverings, lights and patterns and prints.

Warm and soothing colors

Warm, soothing and sober colors are the most used in an interior with an exotic atmosphere. Green is more particularly the flagship color in an exotic bedroom decoration. Indeed, it evokes nature, peace and allows you to escape. In addition, it combines wonderfully with a few touches of dark brown that evokes wood and earth. As for warm tones, red, blue, yellow, orange or even pink are also very popular in the exotic style. Of course, they also see themselves on the flowers as on the vegetation, the fruits and even on the animals. You can combine them for a more original and energetic rendering, but try not to overdo it, at the risk of overloading the room. Yellow and blue, for example, go wonderfully well together in this atmosphere.

Green plants for a jungle spirit

Plants are a must in an exotic style bedroom. Indeed, a room without vegetation will be a little duller and less warm. In fact, they have the ability to appeal to nature and bring a warm touch to the room. Therefore, we choose to put cactus and plants. Large green plants are thus very popular because they give a tropical and jungle atmosphere.

Exotic patterns and prints

The wall, curtains, cushions, rugs, sheets, blankets or other bed linens can be decorated with patterns and prints that invite you to travel. Thus, we choose patterns of vegetation (palm tree), such as floral prints (rose, orchids), fruits (pineapple, apples, lychees). Animal prints are also suitable in this type of atmosphere. You can then choose between leopards, flamingos, parrots, alligators, or exotic birds.

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