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Smocking is a popular technique created centuries ago to elasticize fabric. Gathering fabric and strategically embroidering folds together allows the fabric to stretch. Smocked detailing in embroidery was very common in the late 18th and 19th centuries, where necklines, sleeves and cuffs were smocked to give garments shape without needing buttons.

Smocked tops, crop tops and dresses used to be the trending stuff of tube tops and toddler dresses. But no more. Smocking is now back, and today’s version has a more upgraded, and sophisticated vibe. It’s a fun and stylistic element that’ll add a little more sass to any wardrobe.

The time is now if you’ve never tried a smocked or shirred top or dress.

A popular summer trend

A huge fashion trend for summer is smocked fabric. From dresses to swimsuits, this sewing technique is showing up in a big way. Smocking adds texture and dimension to clothing while giving basic materials a fresh twist. I am personally loving all the smocked detailing on clothing this season. Because the smocked fabric is stretchy, it is also the perfect choice for maternity or postpartum garments.

Is smocked clothing flattering?

Smocked tops are excellent for hugging your curves; however, they add a bit of bulk due to the additional fabric needed to create the smocked look. For that reason, choosing items with smocking only on parts of your body is recommended, so you are comfortable adding more visual weight.

Go for a Smocked-Lite Look

The best way to tweak your chic® when it comes to a new trend is to wear a more subtle version. For example, a pretty pink smocked top has very soft, gentle smocking down the front rather than very tight smocking across the front or smocked short sleeves.

You’re giving the nod to the trend. It’s a casual and understated way to look in style. I love this look for summer. So easy and breezy, and yet so of the moment. A classy bag and some good quality gold jewelry also help make you look age-amazing!

Alluring necklines to look out for

Explore a new level of modern sophistication with a V-neck smocked top or blouse crafted with sheer, geometric lace in a classic shade. This elegant blouse is a beautiful combination of texture and tone that styles flawlessly across seasons. It offers a stylishly feminine look with great sophistication.

Smocked Tops with Long Sleeves are Easier to Wear

Smocked tops and blouses are naturally sweet and romantic looking, and when they have short puffy sleeves, they can look relatively junior. They are much harder to pull off after a certain age because they look a little girly, and they don’t do any favors for aging arms, either!

One way to avoid this cutesy look is to wear a smocked top with long sleeves. This pretty blue tiered sleeve blouse is an excellent alternative to a short-sleeved smocked top. It’s romantic and feminine – almost storybook-like, but it walks the fine line between too young and too old. I would quickly wear this top with pair of crisp, tailored white pants and some sleek summer slides to balance the sweetness.

Smocked Dresses

A simple rayon dress with an effortless shape is a welcome addition to any closet. The smocking technique at the waist adds curves you don’t have or plays up the ones you do have. Team this dress with any almost shoe — sneakers, sandals, wedges — add a pair of earrings or a simple necklace, and you’re ready to go.

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