I was studying in Pakistan in my second year of F.A. but my uncle residing in Canada just tried to sponsor me a visa for studying and immigration there. I was too much excited to know as it was the first time suggested to have a visit abroad.

The biggest problem I was facing then, was suitable dressing for the visit. I tried to search for a lot of warm clothes on the internet. Finally, I got a spectacular brand named Leatheriza Affinity, famous for handmade leather accessories. I was very much confused about clothing there in Canada where usually the temperature remains at minus degrees.

A Very Useful Leather Item

I ordered a specially designed leather bomber jacket from Leatheriza Affinity online and it was delivered to Pakistan within almost 20 days of shipping. That was my very first experience with such a useful leather item and also for traveling abroad.

I was totally ready now for my flight and happily packed up my clothes with that awesome leather bomber jacket. I presumed to be in Canada several times before my flight and often have been wearing the jacket in front of my mirror. That was a perfectly sized and chic item of leather for me.

So, finally, the day of my flight arrived and I got on board the airplane. After some time I got a glimpse of the pilot and the crewmen who were also wearing that fabulous type of leather jacket for men. I have learned about the history of my bought item it started in the 1900s when in World War I bomber jackets or called flight jackets were first utilized by pilots flying in open-air and uninsulated air crafts. These were again proved to be a historical and contemporary choice for the aviators.

I reached the fastest flight in almost 13 hours from Pakistan to Canada. While the plane alighted at the airport, I felt very vigorous cold wind flurries that immediately forced me to protect my body. Luckily I have already worn my leather bomber jacket over my sleeveless sweater and remained tension free.

I hired a taxi for me and with my luggage reached my uncle’s home in Toronto, Canada. During my travel, again the awesomely designed jacket protected me from the cruel snowfall outside. At last, I reached the correct home address of my uncle.

I observed everyone wearing men’s leather jackets everywhere in the streets and on the road, as it was the winter season there and the cold in minus degrees cannot be compromised by wearing any other warm stuff.

I entered my uncle’s house. After a warm welcome and a hot coffee treat, my uncle allocated a room to me. It was everywhere wooden structured walls and floors.

My Experiences In Canada:

During my gossip with my uncle, he asked me about the jacket worn by me and I told him the brand’s name. He appreciated the remarkable design and awesome structure of my leather bomber jacket. He added that he is also familiar with the name of the brand based in the US and has many types of them in his winter wardrobe.

The unique design of my jacket holds a standing collar of leather, and braided elastics in the cuffs and waist giving a ribbed elastic incorporation for the body. I felt decent and proud wearing such a nice valuable item. This awesome jacket did not wrinkle anyway and insulated my body at full length. I just wore a sleeveless sweater over my T-shirt with warm stockings and woolen gloves. Anyway, I just had to cover my head with a woolen cap because the jacket was hoodless.

The inner lining of my leather bomber jacket was having a furred structure that prevented the cold wind splashes from coming from the window of my room. At last, I removed it before sleeping and took a quilt over me to have a warm and sound sleep. It was a fantastic day of protection against cold with wearing my lovely bomber jacket.

The next day, I just decided to go for an outing wearing my true weather companion, the bomber jacket. Its color was too much appealing that everyone on the roadside was looking at me with curiosity. The color was ‘hazel’, a perfect match for the leather jackets for men and in accord with my taste.

The people around me were familiar with the brand and with me, all of them were the brand ambassadors of the particular brand, perhaps.

After some days, there was a wedding ceremony to be attended by us and the same leather jacket helped me a lot in resisting the coldest weather conditions. It was a worth admiring brand in the realm of leather jackets.

At high altitudes, people cannot withstand hypothermia and frostbite conditions, especially aviators without these bomber jackets. These have their roots embedded in the 1900s when used by pilots flying at old standards of aviation.

After some days, luckily I got admission to a reputable university as having good grades F.A from Pakistan. I studied hard and finally got my MBA degree. Now, I am a part of Canada and doing a profitable job here. I have bought a variety of mens leather jackets from here but of the same brand as before because of their reasonable price and durable quality. It perfectly matches my budget. My jackets are my best companions in my living in that unbearable cold, chilly and unfavorable environment for my health. But finally, after years I got accustomed to the environment and befriended that superb type of jacket. Thank you Leatheriza Affinity, for such a lifetime favor to me.


So, a valuable piece of clothing such as a leather bomber jacket with its furred inner lining and standing collar is a very beneficial item of daily use, especially in northern regions like Canada which exists in North America. I think people cannot venture their health standards ignoring such long-lasting, real leather jackets and have adopted them as a custom and a garb specific for winters. So no worries if you have a specialized brand of leather jackets for men in your wardrobe.

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