Any motorized land vehicle (VTAM) must imperatively be covered at least by civil liability insurance to be authorized to travel on public roads. Insurers now offer a wide range of car insurance solutions, with different levels of protection.


Is car insurance compulsory?

Yes, the answer is clear and definitive: since 1958, it is strictly forbidden to drive an uninsured vehicle on public roads. This provision is recalled in particular by the Highway Code and the Insurance Code.

In France, driving an uninsured vehicle is an offense punishable by a fine of €3,750 and, depending on the circumstances, a suspension of the driving license for up to 3 years and immobilization and/or confiscation of the vehicle with which the offense was committed.


What is auto insurance good for?

The main purpose of auto insurance is to cover material damage and/or bodily injury that your vehicle may cause to others . Depending on the cover taken out, it can also cover:

  • the material damage suffered by your vehicle, but also on all of your damaged property.
  • your own bodily injury following a traffic accident (hospitalization, work stoppage, etc.).

Note: not all insurance contracts offer equivalent coverage. To be effectively protected, it is essential to choose your cover carefully. 


What are the different types of auto insurance?

Today, there are three main types of car insurance contracts:

  • third-party insurance , which constitutes the minimum level of protection required in France,  makes it possible to compensate for all the damage that your vehicle may cause to others. On the other hand, the driver of the vehicle, responsible for the accident, as well as the vehicle itself will not be covered for the damage suffered.
  • enhanced third-party insurance includes third-party insurance guarantees supplemented by certain specific clauses. These will be determined at the time of signing the contract. They will offer  broader protection to deal with a certain number of risks , such as theft, fire, glass breakage , natural disasters.
  • comprehensive insurance is the most comprehensive insurance. It guarantees the owner the best possible cover against the risks incurred by his vehicle, including in the event of an at-fault accident. It can also take into account, for example, damage linked to vandalism. It also allows you to choose the type of compensation in the event of total destruction of the vehicle, such as replacement at purchase value.


How to subscribe to an insurance policy?

Most insurers offer car insurance contracts. The rates vary according to the type of cover chosen ( third party all-risk ), depending on the model and the traffic area of ​​the vehicle to be insured, depending on the profile of the driver. This information is recorded on the Statement of Information , which retraces over five years the history of claims responsible or not translated into bonus-malus .

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