When it comes to the law, Assault and Battery (A&B) charges in Quincy can be complicated and oftentimes poorly handled without proper representation.

If you are involved in a Robbery and Battery case, please do not hesitate to contact me, especially if the incident is caused by a domestic misunderstanding. In Domestic Assault and Battery, the prosecutor will be much less inclined to dismiss the case and therefore must be defended differently than in a normalĀ Assault and Battery.

If the charges against you are not supported by the evidence, were actually the result of an accident, or were a matter of self-defence, you must contact me as soon as possible. My experience and knowledge of the legal system can help you avoid surprising developments and ensure the best possible outcome. Quincy residents often trust me because I am a highly educated and respected member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and have an excellent record in the courts of Quincy.

If a misunderstanding resulted in simple Assault, Aggravated Assault, Sexual Assault, or any type of Assault and Assault, with or without a deadly weapon or a police officer, or if your charges were found to be Indecent Assault and Assault in the sexual offense category , do not face this alone. You need my help to protect your rights and review all aspects of your case, ensuring the best possible outcome. Such legal representation can be particularly helpful in divorce proceedings or custody disputes that may have turned sour.

Unfortunately, the victim in a case can manipulate the court to get more revenge on the accused party, usually by embellishing the event in question or fabricating parts of what actually happened. Avoiding this situation isn’t always easy, but having me by your side can help. By working together and preparing the trial from the first day we meet, I can get your case thrown out before the court even forms a jury.

Attorney-Client Privilege protects you from anything you tell me about your case, including our initial consultation. So be honest, and I’ll give you a fair and reasonable assessment of your case. Once I’m hired, I’ll give you the best legal advice and guide you through the Clerk’s Hearing, indictment, pre-trial conference, motions, compliance and election (all events leading up to the trial), and then the trial itself. , if necessary .

So if you have been charged with Assault and Battery in Quincy, contact me today to get a proper defense as soon as possible.

Remember, I might be able to reduce your charge, or even dismiss your case, but we shouldn’t wait.

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