It is challenging to find something you like that also satisfies your sense of taste and meets all your health requirements. Thankfully, there is one food that is perfect for this: oats! That’s something I’ll never miss out on when I visit the supermarket near me or when I buy groceries online. Start your day with a bowl of strong oats, and you will be ready to take on anything the day throws at you. Depending on the kind of oats you use and how you prepare them, you can alter how frequently you eat them each day. Oatmeal is a quick and easy way to get a variety of health advantages that will help you perform at your best. Oats (Avena sativa) are cereal grain that belongs to the Poaceae grass family. Oats are well-known for their nutritional value and health benefits, whether loved or despised for their mushy yet sweet texture when cooked. Oatmeal is available in several flavours on the market including Oat Bran, Rolled Oats, Steel Cut Oats, Oat Groats, and more. You can get them very easily through online grocery delivery platforms. Everything you need to know about oats is right here. These health benefits will convince you to buy oats at your next supermarket visit. Starting a better lifestyle is never too late. Consequently, you can get started straight away. 

 Why oats?  

Oats have a well-balanced nutritional profile. Oats are abundant in carbohydrates and fibre, particularly the beneficial beta-glucan fibre. They also have a higher protein and fat content than most other cereals. Oats are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant plant components. As a result, oats are among the nutrient-dense meals available. Oats include a number of nutrients that have been linked to improved health. Its high water and soluble fibre content make it an ideal breakfast choice for individuals aiming to reduce weight and control hunger levels. Beta-glucan is the most common type of soluble fibre found in oats, and it has been shown in studies to aid digestion, increase satiety, and suppress appetite.  

Helps to boost immunity  

 The immune system’s reaction to sickness and infection has been extensively researched using oatmeal. Being rich in fibre and beta-glucan, Oatmeal aids neutrophils in getting to the site of infection faster and enhancing their ability to eradicate the bacteria they encounter. Fibre aids in intestinal regularity and the prevention of constipation. Cereal fibres, such as those contained in oats, are regarded to be more effective than fruit and vegetable fibres. According to several studies, the breakdown and fermentation of beta-glucan oat fibre increase gut microbial diversity. As a result, it could help with issues like diarrhoea, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome. The abundance of dietary fibre content, according to a study, can help lower insulin resistance, which is one of the leading causes of colon cancer.  

Benefits of oatmeal for skin  

Its mild, detoxifying nature makes it an ideal element for skincare. It exfoliates the skin and reduces puffiness, helping to get rid of blemishes and stop following breakouts. Furthermore, oatmeal is effective in reducing redness and irritation; a paste made from ground oats can quickly treat rashes or sunburn. If you have sensitive skin, consider combining oats with your regular facial cleanser to help reduce irritation and make your face feel less tight.  

Antioxidant-rich food  

Whole oats are rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, which are both healthy plant substances. Avenanthramides are the most well-known antioxidants, and they are found in oats. Antioxidants aid to maintain the stability of processed oat products, and oat can protect oils and lipids from rancidity.   

Keep in mind  

Increased fibre consumption from foods like oatmeal can induce painful gas and bloat in some people. Although these sensations are usually very brief, you can minimise their bad consequences by drinking plenty of water, being active, and gradually increasing your fibre intake over time rather than all at once.  

Healthy topping ideas  

Due to the growing demand for oats in forms other than porridge, people have developed creative ways to include oats in one’s diets. You can enhance the nutritional value of your bowl even more and give your oatmeal a tasty update by adding a few healthy oatmeal toppings.   

  • Fresh blueberries  
  • Peanut butter  
  • Bananas  
  • Avocadoes  
  • Almonds  
  • Pomegranate seeds  
  • Raspberries  
  • Zucchini   
  • Yoghurt  
  • Figs  
  • Fresh strawberries  
  • Chia seeds 


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