Emerging technologies will have a gigantic influence on the future of the healthcare industry. From Machine Learning to Virtual Reality, tech will play a vital role in shaping the upcoming advancement. The aim of development is to simplify healthcare for humans, such that the advanced process allows humans to take care of themselves and their overall health.

For businesses in the digital healthcare industry, it is important to stay updated with the development. Doing this will allow visionaries to create or transform new or existing healthcare mobile apps as per the ongoing developments in the field.

Therefore, today, with the help of this blog post, we would be introducing some of the crown jewels of health tech. If you want to learn more about the future of healthcare then keep reading for a better understanding.

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Let’s get started!

1. Neural Interface For Advancement Of Health Tech

You all must have heard about a ‘brain chip’ Elon Musk is working on. Well, his company Neuralink is developing a chip that will be implanted into the human skulls that would be connected directly with the brain. It will act as an interface to communicate with the brain and is speculated to cure disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.

The electrodes in the chip can read signals from the brain that can be used to treat paralysis, trauma, brain injuries, or cure hearing and eyesight.

After acquiring CTRL Labs, Facebook also made its official entry into the neural world. The rising interest of giants in Neural Technology is a clear indication of a breakthrough!

2. Telemedicine Technology

The popularity of this tech ameliorated during COVID-19 making a huge impact in the healthcare industry. The boom in gadgets like Fitbit, Ring, indicates that telemedicine is here to stay. It allows patients to maintain a daily log of their vitals.

3. Artificial Intelligence For Cancer Care

The entire humankind is looking forward to an extraordinary integration of AI in cancer care. The complexities in cancer screening are evident. Early detection of this disease can boost the chance of survival. An AI-driven healthcare startup Helio Health is working in a direction to commercialize early detection of cancer.

4. Wearables & Apps

Wearable technology and mobile apps are gaining popularity as they help in delivering accurate results to users. Smartphones now have apps that can help the user base to keep a check on blood pressure which reduces deaths due to hypertension.

5. AR/VR Solutions

Both Virtual and Augmented reality have proved their significance in the development of healthcare. These technologies are helping medical students to practice anatomy, providing 3D images for CT scans, and much more.

In A Nutshell

According to the experts, the adoption of digital health was accelerated because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have clearly fast-forwarded in areas like remote monitoring, mHealth, artificial intelligence, and much more. Soon we would experience a speedy roll-out of next-generation solutions, as providers are initiating the integration of various technologies with healthcare.

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In case you have any queries regarding involved technicalities, feel free to reach out. You can also connect with me or my team in the comment section present below. But until then, stay tuned to this save for more exciting updates from the tech world!

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