Do you know how many projects fail before they get completed? Yes! It is true. According to a report by The Standish Group, In the United States, more than $250 billion are spent on IT application software development services around, which is approximately 175,000 projects. Research by the group reveals that around 31.1% of projects will be canceled before they are completed and “52.7% of projects will cost 189% of their original estimates.”

The major reasons for IT project failure could be:

Have a quick look below at some of the reasons which are clearly telling the reasons for IT failure:

  • Lack of communication at the early stages
  • The vision of goals and objectives not shared with all the stakeholders
  • Lack of mapping of infrastructure and technical processes leads to the use of conflicting technologies, platforms, and development environments.
  • Not having KPIs in place, including poorly defined requirements and the constant addition of new requirements to the initial specification

An appropriate selection to get rid of the failure of your enterprise

The accomplishment of your business is not possible or it may fall down if you do not manage it by a good enterprise application development. Yes! It is true that behind every successful enterprise, there is a selection of a perfect programming language. And for that .Net is considered to be one of the most suitable languages for an enterprise application.

The top reasons to choose .Net for enterprise applications

Ease of Development

According to most of the app developers, .Net makes application development easy. .Net helps in making enterprise applications in less time in case of Exceptional quality enterprise applications that are synced with the business goals. Visual studio helps in making the app development process easier by providing all the tools and support.

“Drag and Drop” component of Microsoft is applicable with .Net also. And there is ADO .Net which is really helpful for the connectivity of the relational and non-relational systems.


Talking about the scalability of the .Net, it could be said that it is very versatile in order to add or remove any class, component or suit. .Net applications are really flexible and keep all the capabilities that help in building a great application that can run sitting anywhere. It helps in meeting the requirements of modern enterprises. You can develop a fully customizable website with the help of .Net which are capable of managing big loads.

Apart from this, if you are making use of .Net, there is no need of re-investing in new software whenever your business grows as it is scalable, so it is really easy for it to adapt changes accordingly.


Security is a major concern for any enterprise whether it is big or small. It is because security is the main reason behind the performance of any enterprise. In regard to the security of .Net, it could be said that its frameworks work really well as they consist of features like Code Access Security, validation and verification. Enterprise can develop robust and highly-secured web applications with the help of making use of .Net.

The .Net platform blesses you with top-notch security features and is non-negotiable. It has built-in features that are really helpful in delivering secured enterprise applications. It has the pre-built features which include:

  • Encryptions
  • Code checks
  • Character validations
  • Code Access Security (CAS)

Reliability and Easy Maintenance

.Net makes it easy to maintain the long-coding routines and modules of an enterprise and reduce it into minimal. Maintenance costs must always remain in a limit as change is an integral part of the business industry.

So, with .NET, the configurations are easily changeable and all are cost-effective. Also, for enabling intensive applications, this framework has received huge industrial recognition. The key aspect of any technology is resourcing and because of .NET cost-effectiveness and ease of development, most of the tech-companies offer their resourcing services on this framework.


Compatibility is one of the major requirements of enterprise applications. .Net is a fully compatible language as if we build applications, software with it, these all can run easily on multiple devices without any problem. .Net is compatible with almost every platform and language and it is ensured by Cross-device and platform compatibility, modularization and toll improvisations

A Number of Components for Enterprise Application Development

The reason behind why .Net is considered to be one of the most suitable platforms for enterprise applications is that .NET technology creates an advanced .NET environment for application development with a range of components, such as the .NET framework, .NET languages, the user interface (UI), and VisualStudio.Net.

So ultimately, it helps enterprise application developers to grab an opportunity to pick from a large number of options. For instance, they can go for programming languages such as Visual Basic, C#, C++, and JavaScript. The visual studio which is related to .Net supports multiple languages so here it is really beneficial as one application can be written with the help of making use of multiple languages.

This is how .net is really suitable for enterprise application as it is having a number of components for Enterprise Application Development.

Final words

It is quite clear now that why .Net is considered to be one of the most preferred platforms for enterprise applications as .Net is the most secure and compatible platform for software or enterprise application development.

Do not let your enterprise fall down by choosing the wrong option as you have seen, this has already resulted in failures. So, in a nutshell, it is highly suggested that you hire .Net developers from a good app development company in order to build the most secure enterprise application for your business.

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