What is garage floor coating? 

The surfacing of garages is crucial in managing heavy loads of vehicles and machinery. This surfacing is done with an effective floor coating system, like garage floor coating. A dense coat is applied over the surface to achieve a hard and reliable surface after curing. Garage floor coating consists of concrete polishing, epoxy floor coating, polyaspartic floor coating, etc. Let’s discuss different floor coatings in detail. 

Types of garage floor coatings

Polyaspartic Floor coating

Polyaspartic coating consists of a protective layer called aliphatic polyurea. This material is applied over garage surfaces and left for curing. Generally, the curing time ranges from minutes to a few hours. Once completely dried, these coatings made the surface very hard and enhanced its protection from vehicles, machinery, etc. 

Polyaspartic coatings are quite economical and easily available in the market. If garage owners are facing problems related to corrosion, polyaspartic coating installation will be the right choice.

Epoxy floor coating

One of the most popular floor coatings among garage facilities is epoxy. It is a type of synthetic resin floor system that is applied over the top of surfaces for protection and decoration purposes. The best thing about epoxy floor coating is it comprises multiple layers of thermosetting resin. Hence, permanent bonds are formed during its curing, which results in a sturdy and long-lasting floor system. 

Cracks, peeling, abrasion, stains, and the majority of the defects can be covered by installing the epoxy coating. Moreover, it is customizable and offers a wide range of designs and colors to people. 

Concrete floor coating 

Similar to polyaspartic and epoxy, the concrete coating consists of liquid or semi-liquid that is laid on the surface and provides a smooth, aesthetically pleasing, and durable floor after curing. These floor coatings work well for commercial garages because it doesn’t wear down frequently and are most suitable for dealing with vehicles and machinery. 

Reasons to choose a garage floor coating.

  1. Resistant: Floor coatings are highly resistive. They can comfortably block harmful elements from entering the floor. Let’s read some of the elements that are resisted by floor coatings.
  • Heat: After curing, floor coating can resist certain heating levels. For instance, if you talk about epoxy floor coating. It has a limit of resisting around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Other coating materials may vary in resisting heat. But one thing is sure; garage floor coating is ideal for heat resistance. 
  • Water: Due to its water-resisting nature, floors doesn’t face problem like spills. 
  • Shock: You need a shock-resistant surface to protect people and other conducting objects. A high limit of shock can even damage the surface. Floor coating installation assures that the surface becomes shock resistive. 
  • Oil: Mostly, garages have to deal with oils, grease, and other oily components. With the help of floor coats, you can block the absorption of oil into the surface. It helps prevent stains. 
  • Chemical: Some fluid residue of vehicles and machinery contains harmful chemicals. This chemical can affect both surface and people moving there. By installing floor coating, you can avoid such problems.

  • Improves functionality: The functionality of the garage is affected by more cracks, peeling, and stains over the surface. In commercial garages, workers find difficulty in working on that kind of surface. This is why floor coating becomes one of the best options to improve functionality. The smooth, robust, and slip-resistant surface offers a comfortable space to work.  
  • Worth for your business: Some commercial garage owners may think investing in floor coating could be extra spending. But, if you look at the pros, it is worth it for your business. The floor coating provides a sleek aesthetic to the space, which plays a vital role in attracting customers. 
  • Available at competitive rates: If you think that floor coating will cost you significantly. So you don’t need to worry much. Various floor coating contractors try to provide high-quality services at competitive rates. 

Wrapping Up

While looking for concrete polishing services in Nashville, TN, it will be better to consider contractors who’ve high experience, excellent public image, and positive customer feedback.  

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