Violent crime is increasing day by day, but it doesn’t mean you have to stay home to avoid murderers and any dangerous situation. It simply means you must improve your security to live on your own terms.

Nonetheless, the self-defense keychain tops our list of the best defensive weapons to always have on hand. Whether you are traveling alone to unfamiliar places or have just started a new job, the self-defense keychain can prove to be a boon in certain situations.

These specifically designed key chains come in handy. They can be used in emergencies or to draw attention. So, if you are wondering whether or not to buy a self-defense keychain set, here are some essential points to consider.

What is a Self-Defense Key Chain?

As the name suggests, key chains are used for self-defense and reassurance that you are safe in certain situations. These self-defense key chains come in various shapes, including mini alarm key rings and cat self-defense key chains. Choosing the perfect self-defense keychain has the potential to stab your attacker, deal damage, and allow you to escape to safety.

Why Should You Buy It?

When the word self-defense comes up, you usually think of learning some martial arts, which is excellent, but you can’t expect it to match the physical strength of the attacker. That is why you should rely on top-notch self-defense weapons like key chains.

Whether you are jogging around the block in the comfort of your home or heading to college, you can slip attackers in with your cat self-defense keychain without engaging in unnecessary combat. The extreme portability, simplicity, lightweight, and discreet design of these security keychain sets add the icing on the cake.

How to Use The Self-Defense Keychain?

Women are naturally trained to wrap their fingers around a stack of keys in case someone tries to attack them. Assuming the attacker has grabbed you from behind, you can point the keychain at the attacker’s elbow. The face areas, neck, or chest, are best when facing the attacker. Always aim for the least covered area so your keychain tools can penetrate your attacker’s skin.

How to Choose The Best Self-Defense Key Chain For You?

As mentioned earlier, self-defense key chains come in many forms. However, if you plan to buy self-defense accessories online, check to see what they are offered.

  • Robust tool.
  • Versatile tools to suit your needs.
  • Customization of color, size, etc.
  • A handy tool.
  • A tool that gets little attention.

Additionally, some of the most popular self-defense accessories can be bought online and used with your security keychain set.

Cat Self-Defense Keychain

With the cat self-defense keychain, you can casually carry an effective piercing tool disguised as a cute kitten. The cat’s face fits comfortably in your hand and is available in various colors to match your outfit for the day.

Cat self-defense key chains slide directly into your keychain for easy access during attacks. You can buy these stylish, compact, lightweight self-defense accessories online to add a pocket-friendly self-defense weapon.

Keychain With Pepper Spray

Pepper spray consists of a compound called capsaicin, which, when sprayed in the eyes of an assailant, causes temporary blindness, immediate eye closure, burning sensations, and tears.

Keychain With a Mini Folding Knife

The self-defense keychain set also comes with a mini folding knife. The sharp blade and compact design are the epitome of safety. Not to mention it is also helpful for other cutting tasks.

Bottom Line:

Like it or not, we live in an unpredictable world. Trusting intimate partners has become even more complicated, and the rise in crime plagues us. But can you always turn to the police when you are in trouble? Not! Having a durable and versatile set of self-defense key chains increases your chances of survival.

You can buy these self-defense key chains online, which come in various forms for emergency use, including pepper spray, knives, alarms, and sharps. These small defensive tools are conveniently designed to fit in a small purse or pocket and don’t require extensive training to use them. Some key chains include one tool; however others may contain multiple devices for multiple purposes.

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