Money charity boxes are a vital part of any charity fundraising movement – but that’s not all they can do. They can also be valuable tools for customer marketing, research, decision- making, and creative projects.

To give you some inspiration, here are just a few ways to unlock the full potential of charity boxes.

Ballot Boxes

Need help deciding on your next charitable project or vote for a leader for your community organization? Charity Box Design small ballot boxes, letting team members and paying customers to vote for their choice.

There are plenty of ways to modify your voting system, too. You could have a single box with paper ballot slips or a box for each choice and offer each voter with a plastic token or paper ticket to cast their vote.

Personal Coin Banks

Everyone likes to economize, or at least like having some savings!

If your business offers financial services, or you’re targeting your brand to the cautious consumer, why not send your customers their mini coin bank through the post? Every time they put a coin or two away, they’ll think of your brand; best of all, they’ll continue providing free advertising for your company until they’ve been filled.

Feedback & Suggestion Boxes

Whether seeking customer feedback to improve your services or looking for ideas within your team to promote a happier, more efficient workplace, a suggestion box allows responders to submit their honest thoughts confidently.

Customer survey slips can also be valuable for growing your mailing list and sourcing members for more in-depth feedback sessions. Remember that you may need to inspire customers to leave their contact details with a little incentive – perhaps entry into a prize draw or a discount code for the next time they purchase with you.

Guidelines For Creating A Successful Custom Packaging Design

A product’s design is just the beginning. An attractive product package design is one of the greatest ways to make your product sell. It is important to avoid packaging that delays customers from making purchases. The packaging design should be desirable to the buyer.

Custom packaging is a phrase that makes companies both nervous and excited. Even before company purchases a product, its packaging is evaluated. Packing requirements will differ based on what you are selling and where you are selling it. Remember that unique packaging is essential to improving sales for your business. Moreover, the secret to a successful custom packaging design is to strike the ideal balance between your brand identity and target audience. Discover the best recommendations for creating a successful custom packaging design.

Think About Your Packaging Needs

To start, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want to attain with your product package design. It is the most crucial stage of the design process, regardless of whether your brand is newly launched or experiencing rebranding. Custom packaging serves as a means of marketing plan execution, brand growth, and product delivery, all bundled into one.

Kinds Of Products You Need Packaging For

Before creating a design, it is crucial first to verify the purpose of the package. The packaging components best suited for your needs will depend on the variety of products. Furthermore, custom boxes or tubes with internal filling are the best for large or fragile items. You can still provide clients with a memorable brand experience by combining packaging styles with personalized tissue paper for protection.

Easy To Carry

Include handles or grooves to make it easier to carry if the packaging size is too big. Ensure the container is smooth if the product is relatively tiny to prevent customers from losing it. If the brand has a market monopoly, customers will remain loyal if the product is tough to carry and use.


A product packaging design must be unique to attract clients. It is considered unique when a package catches the eye from a distance and rises the clients’ interest in the goods. The package design should be visually attractive and extraordinary from the competitors. For instance, if most of your opponents utilize square boxes, you may experiment with a different shape or alter the size. Custom Packaging offers a great chance to focus on what makes you different.

Honest Packaging

What your product is and does should be replicated in its packaging. People can spot if a product’s packaging overstates its value. Your clients will not be pleased if your package depicts something quite different from what is contained within. The product package design must be clear and honest to grab the customer’s attention. Your customers first engage with your product package, and that is why it is so important to have a simple packaging strategy.

Special Occasion Packaging

One strategy to swiftly increase short-term sales is to produce customized limited editions of your packaging for a particular occasion or theme. This strategy works over vacations and you may even use it for important occasions like the Olympics, Christmas, and New Year.


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