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Birthdays: An Important Celebration 

Birthdays are one of the most popular celebrations around the world. It is the celebration of passing another successful and happy year in one’s life. The happiness of being blessed with another year to pass along with the people we love. Birthdays tend to be a joyous occasion celebrating which has become mandatory. From 1 year olds to 50 year olds, everyone likes to celebrate birthdays. People who are even older may enjoy birthdays. 

Cakes; a significant part of birthdays & the many flavours! 

One of the most important elements of celebrating this joyous occasion is birthday cake. Cakes have become a part of birthdays like nothing else. When it comes to birthdays, cakes are an absolute necessity. In fact, without a cake, birthdays are totally incomplete. There are so many popular flavours of cakes around the world that one can choose from for their loved one’s birthdays. Make sure to choose just the right flavour. Following are the most famous options for birthday cake! 

Chocolate cakes 

Chocolate cakes are one of the most popular choices all around the world. Not just as birthday cakes, but they are fit for any occasion.  It is famous for its rich flavour and classiness.There are so many variants of chocolate cakes nowadays that it is impossible to not like any one. You can get a mouse cake, fudge cake, malt cake, dark chocolate cake and what not. There are so many options when it comes to chocolate cakes that you may be surprised. 

Each and every person likes a chocolate cake. Sorry, that can not be true. However, most people around the world like chocolate cakes. Whether it is a kid, a teenager, a young adult or even an adult. Any and everyone likes to have a chocolate cake. This is also why chocolate cakes are one of the most safest birthday cakes out there. Whether you are getting a chocolate birthday cake for someone you are close to or a random person, it will always work out! Thus, get anyone and everyone a chocolate cake as their birthday cake & make them happiest!

Red velvet cakes 

Red velvet cakes are another option for birthday cakes that are widely liked around the world. It is a flavour  

 However, there is something about red velvet cakes that not everyone knows. The recipe for red velvet cakes is very similar to chocolate cakes. However, the main difference between the two cakes is only the red food colouring. Thus, next time you want to buy a chocolate cake but someone doesn’t like it, red velvet is a great alternative! 

Coffee cakes 

Coffee cakes are yet another famous birthday cake flavour! Many people around the world love the flavour of coffee cakes. This also includes adults as well as youngsters. The enhancing flavour of coffee with a vanilla based sponge makes the perfect combination. The cream mixed with coffee on top just adds up to the flavour to make it even more yummy. This is perfect if you are planning to buy a cake for an adult who is not fond of chocolate cakes. 

While many people may like different cakes, coffee cake is kind which is loved by the majority. If you serve it to your guests, it will surely be finished soon enough. Not as soon as chocolate cake though because those go in a blink of an eye!

Tres leches cakes 

This one may still be unique for many as the origin of this cake flavour is from mexico. However, on online cake shops like, you can surely find this flavour! Wherever around the world this flavour has been introduced, it did not take too long to get really famous. In fact, it is very popular in places like Turkey, Pakistan, UAE, etc. It is one unique looking and tasting combination! If you know someone who is not fond of chocolate or other cakes, then the three milk cake is your solution. This has got to be their birthday cake because they will surely love it! 

The taste of the cake is so rich and creamy, it is delicious. The cake also tastes really unique and has a lot of flavours. It is filled with 3 rich kinds of milks and has a vanilla based sponge to it. The cake can be served with any topping you like, it can be chocolate as well as any other. Whatever you choose to top it with, it will taste really nice. You can also top it with coconuts or any fruit for instance. It is going to be a great birthday cake!

Oreo cakes 

Oreo cakes are another flavour of birthday cakes that are really popular. They are also known as cookies and cream. The cake is made out of oreos or other business like those. It is basically made up of a lot of cream and chocolate biscuits! If you are looking for an oreo flavoured birthday cake then has the most yummy ones available online just for you! 

Black forest cakes 

One more option that we really love when it comes to birthday cake flavours are black forest cakes. They are a mix of both chocolate and vanilla cream. They taste so yummy and are an oldie goldie kind of a birthday cake flavour. It is our absolute favourite option though! The deliciousness of this cake does not match any other in our opinion. 


A cheesecake is rather a very popular cake nowadays. It is rich, creamy and cheesy and is loved by a specific audience. Not everyone loves a cheesecake but ones who do, love it way too much. If you know someone who dearly admires a cheesecake and craves it regularly, then get it for them as a birthday cake. You will surely make them super happy. 

Pineapple cakes 

This cake flavour is for all the oldies out there! Pineapple cakes were probably ones that came even before the chocolate cakes. If you have an adult whose birthday is coming up, then this birthday cake is just the right one for them. However, even some youngsters really like this cake so it can be the right flavour for them as well. Make sure to know their choice before choosing a birthday cake for them. 

Ice Cream cakes 

This one is not a common birthday cake flavour however, it is definitely a very delicious one! The cake is basically made out of ice cream but is not so common for birthday cakes. Give people who prefer ice cream rather than cakes, an ice cream cake! 

Salted caramel cake 

Last but not the least, a salted caramel cake is also another delicious birthday cake flavour! The flavour of this birthday cake is caramel. The sponge however is vanilla. There is a lot of cream as well in this cake. Thus, if you know someone who loves all these flavours together, get them this birthday cake. 


After reading about so many birthday cake flavours, you must have decided which flavour you want to get made. Just make sure to choose the flavour that you think is going to be liked by the birthday person. Moreover, also get the birthday cakes customised from online gifting hub like This helps to make the birthday cake even more special. does a brilliant job in any sort of customization. Try them now and you will not regret it! They will surely do a great job in making your loved ones happiest on their birthdays! Furthermore, do let us know in the comments below, the birthday cake flavour you prefer most!

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