What is White Oak Chevron flooring?

White Oak Chevron flooring is a type of hardwood floor made from White Oak timber where the floorboards are set up in a Chevron pattern. To create a Chevron floor, the ends of each board are cut at an angle, usually 45°, so that two adjoining boards form a perfect V-shape. When the pattern is designed across a complete floor, the effect is a zigzag appearance and a long string of arrows that provides a great visual interest while also making an area seem more spacious.

Modern and Contemporary Look and Feel

White Oak looks less traditional and more modern because it is less degrading than red oak. The white oak rings grow compactly, giving them a uniform and smooth look. Linear mineral streaks also add to this look and give a modern look with a classic feel which fits well with several modern farmhouse or engineering styles.


White Oak has an acceptable hardness rating making it resilient to dents and gouges. Even when your floorboards get scratched, the grains of your White Oak flooring will help hide these better than smooth grain floors.

Water Resistance

White oak floor covering Dubai is a perfect choice for kitchens and small areas of your home because it is a closed-grain wood. This hardwood’s pores are clogged with tylosis, so water and other fluids cannot penetrate as easily. White oaks are completely waterproof, so it is easy to clean up the floor efficiently.

More Shade Options

White Oak floorboard has an absorption property, so it is a perfect canvas for stains and reactive actions, which gives a nice rich hue. White oak is a gentle neutral color and goes well with gray and other unfussy shades. Not only that, but this wood material also goes well with duskier stains.


White oak is more affordable than other options due to its well-maintained forestation. This white oak grows in large quantities around the USA. So it can be affordable to embellish your room floor with White Oak floorboards in an engineering style.

Rustic look

White oak is ideal for homeowners who want a rustic look on their floors. With less graining and an additional neutral palette, the natural shade of the wood remains more prominent.

White oak chevron floorboards is a beautiful wood flooring product that provides you with lots of benefits. White Oak adds some texture and helps you to give a new floor the appearance of an antique surface that has been worn down by foot traffic.

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