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Building a multi-service Gojek Clone app is challenging for entrepreneurs who still haven’t found the right business solutions or app developers. Many apps fail to impress the audience and bring total loss to the business because they lack a robust foundation to handle millions of service bookings at once! And, that is one important thing to consider when you are developing a multi-service app.  

However, this Gojek clone app is the greatest business solution of all time because it can manage more traffic, different services, and thousands of transactions. 

Therefore, even if millions of users are booking services on your app, it will still perform glitch-free! So, now that the secret to building a successful business is out, it’s time to shed some light on what your app must have! 

Advanced Features for a Smooth User Experience 

Your customers require a platform that offers them a butter-smooth experience of booking a service. And, by integrating ultra-modern features, you can offer them exactly what they want. 

Login using Biometric Authentication

The Gojek Clone app uses the biometric authentication systems available on smartphones. This helps users to alleviate the stress of remembering usernames and passwords while logging into the app. 

To set up this feature, the user must first sign up on the app if they haven’t or log in. Then, they need to go to the app’s setting page and turn on the option for linking Face ID or Fingerprint. 

Option for Video Calls

Your customer and delivery driver will be able to speak with one another via video calling on the Gojek Clone app.

In addition to voice calls and in-app text chatting functions, this advanced app enables both users and providers to connect on a video call!

Using this feature, your users can provide the drivers’ instructions regarding the route, their current location etc.. Easily without calling them from their personal numbers. Of course, better communication comes as an added benefit to this feature! 

Voice Instructions for Delivery/Taxi Driver

The clone app allows users to record and upload voice note instructions for delivery or taxi drivers. This voice note could include instructions on how to deliver the package, where to drop it at the front door, or where to park the two-wheeler. This feature makes it easier for drivers to make on-time deliveries without having to struggle with routes or other directions!

This voice note feature, however, can only be heard by the delivery driver when they pick up the order from the store. 

Multiple Credit Card Management 

Using the Gojek Clone app, customers can add multiple credit cards to pay for the services they book. Here, they can easily add or remove their credit card information whenever they want.  

Additionally, they get the option to choose one of the added credit cards as default and easily use it during online payments. 

101+ On-demand Services in One App 

You already know that you can integrate more than 101 on-demand services with this well-optimized Gojek-like app, right?

Well, let’s introduce you to its service components. 

  • On-demand taxi booking: Users can reserve a taxi online. 
  • Online video consultation: Customers can now consult with professionals online via video call while sitting at home.
  • Service bidding: Customers can use this service to virtually bargain the prices with nearby handymen who bid for the task.
  • On-demand services: Allow users to schedule or book same-day appointments with their preferred beauticians, dog walkers, babysitters, car washers, etc.
  • Parcel delivery: This Gojek Clone app service enables customers to send documents, furniture, and even cement bags to local addresses by booking professional delivery drivers. 
  • On-demand deliveries: This service allows on-demand ordering and delivery from restaurants, pharmacies, florists, and many other nearby businesses.
  • Delivery Genie and Runner: Customers can use this app to hire on-demand personal shoppers and errand runners

In Conclusion: 

To develop and launch the best on-demand multi-service app, purchase the Gojek Clone app from a specialist. Make a checklist of everything you want to customize and all the other project requirements and discuss them with the white-labeling experts. 

Time waits for no one! Thus, if you want to succeed more quickly, get the app today! 

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