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Hoverboards for kids guarantee fun and fast movement in a cool way for children! You’ve probably noticed them before: people who drive around on a kids Segways UK without a pillar and without a handle and who only steer their mobile pedestal by shifting their weight.

Hoverboards are space-saving and can significantly train the sense of balance. The mobile pedestals are actually quite fast for children at up to 25 km/h and are therefore not allowed to be used in road traffic. But hoverboards are also cool and fun for children from around 10 years of age in the home yard or on untravelled paths!

Hoverboards for Kids | The tires

The tires have an impact on the driving experience. It makes sense to go for a board with rubber tires . These are characterized by their slip resistance. The size of the tires is also important. Bigger wheels make the hoverboard heavier. But it is better suited for uneven paths. For off-road driving, the wheels should be between eight and ten inches.

  • The minimum and a maximum weight of the driver

If you want to buy a hoverboard for children, you should find out in advance what body weight the model is designed for. Both the specified minimum and maximum payload should always be observed during use.

Official segways for Kids | The extras

Many official segways for Kids from Bluewheel, Robway, RCB and other manufacturers are equipped with LED lights. They serve to enhance the appearance of the device. At the same time, the LED lights can ensure that the child is better seen in poor lighting conditions. This increases security. In addition, many models are equipped with Bluetooth speakers. Children and young people can connect their smartphones to speakers via Bluetooth and listen to music while driving.

A hoverboard for children should also be equipped with a self-balancing function . This function ensures that the board balances itself. This makes it easier for children to get on and off. Furthermore, there is often the option of pairing a hoverboard with an app. This allows parents to make various settings via a smartphone. For example, some models have a safety mode that allows you to reduce the maximum speed via an app.

Interesting facts about hoverboards for children

  • From what age is a hoverboard suitable?

Some manufacturers give age recommendations for their electric boards. According to these recommendations, some hoverboards are suitable for children from the age of six, while others are only suitable for older children from the age of 14.

In principle, parents should not orientate themselves solely on the basis of age. The individual development of the child is much more important. Parents should observe their child’s physical abilities and assess for themselves whether the child is ready for movement on a self-balance scooter at the age of six or later.


Where are children allowed to ride an e-board?

You are not allowed to drive on public roads with a hoverboard. The boards are not equipped with brakes, handlebars, or a seat and cannot be certified. Therefore, they may not be used on public paths or roads. Children are only allowed to ride self-balancing scooters from Robway, RCB, Bluewheel, or another manufacturer in restricted, non-public traffic, for example in their own garden.

Are hoverboards allowed in UK cities?

There is actually no legislation for hoverboards in UK yet. What is certain, however, is that they cannot use on public transport and require a driver’s license if they are used outside of private property. In addition, the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations state that means of transport that move faster than 6 km/h regardless of physical exertion must be roadworthy. Accordingly, the hoverboards may only be used in delimited, non-public traffic, i.e. in separate inner courtyards.

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