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The current government, led by Labor’s Anthony Albanese, has already made substantial changes to Australia’s immigration rules and has begun to deal with the visa backlog since entering office in May.

According to recent estimates, over 19,000 refugees on temporary protection visas will soon be able to seek for permanent residency in Australia. 

In the upcoming months, there should be an announcement. The government, according to a representative for the home affairs department, has not confirmed this, the spokesperson asserted.

Here are the top five subclass 482 visa Australia possibilities for 2023.

Top Subclass 482 Visa possibilities for Australia

1. New visa requirements for some nations

A new visa will be introduced in July 2023, with 3,000 seats available for skilled immigrants from the Pacific area and Timor Leste.

The number of openings for the Pacific Engagement visa will be decided by voting each year.

These visas will be made available in addition to the opportunities in Australia’s permanent migration program.

2. Priority treatment for citizens of New Zealand

Australian residents of New Zealand will receive priority processing for their applications for Skilled Independent visas.

The government no longer requires applicants to have resided in Australia for at least five years, achieve specific taxable income levels, or fulfill certain health conditions in order to be granted a visa.

From 10 December 2022 to 1 July 2023, the department won’t accept any new visa applications until the backlog in the system is cleared.

3. Available visas sponsored by states

The number of visas available through the states and territories is expected to drastically expand as a result of the bigger regional allotment, according to former Department of Immigration Secretary Abul Rivzi.

Several states are changing their systems to make them run more rapidly because, as Mr. Rizvi said, some are having trouble providing services quickly enough.

A representative for the Department of Home Affairs stated that the department has established a planned level of 31,000 spots for the regional category (subclass 491) and 34,000 additional places in the bulk of which are proposed by state and territorial governments, fall within the regional category (subclass 190).

4. A simpler family gathering

The Albanese administration has made it easier for families to reunite by establishing demand-driven partner visas in 2022–2023.

As a result, there is no cap on the total number of these visas that may be given. This fiscal year, the administration plans to provide around 40,500 partner visas.

The amount of kid visas issued, which is anticipated to be about 3,000, is also determined by demand.

5. Modifications to visa processing

After the government ceased utilizing the Priority migration agent Australia Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) to rank applications, skilled visa applications for teachers and healthcare professionals are now being evaluated in only three days.

On October 28, 2022, Ministerial Direction No. With the introduction of 100, new standards for application priority were established. Applications are now decided upon in the following priority order:

1. Applications for jobs in healthcare or education;

2. Candidates recommended by an approved sponsor with accredited status for visas sponsored by employers;

3. Those intended for a specific regional area;

4. For applications for subclasses of permanent and temporary visas that are part of the migration program but not the Subclass 188 visa;

5. All additional visa requests.

Candidates outside of Australia are given precedence within each category for both temporary and permanent skilled visa applications.

The modification, according to the Department of Home Affairs, will hasten the processing of applications.

Particularly for the vital Temporary Skill Shortage visa, which is meant to act quickly in response to labor market demands, a department official said.


The COVID-19 epidemic had barely begun when the most recent update to the current skilled migration agent Australia Occupation List was made on March 11th, 2019.

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