Early in 2015, Anti Social Social Club made a splash in the fashion world. It navigated Los Angeles’ competitive streetwear scene to achieve international fame. Neek Lurk, the enigmatic and eccentric founder of the company, had no plans for it to become a household name. 

Nevertheless, they managed to build a successful company based on “negative concerns” like sadness and mental illness. Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Korean pop stars BTS are now among the brand’s followers. The online store for the antisocialsocialclub is continuously full, and discussions concerning the designs and statements put on its apparel and accessories never end.

Registered In Los Angeles In 2011:

The brand was already well-known before the corporation was formally registered in Los Angeles in 2011. The person who started the social club, who goes by “Kevin,” said he wanted to provide a space for people who didn’t feel like they belonged anyplace else.

antisocialsocialclub is the name of the organization, and we are based in Los Angeles, California, in the United States (USA).

The brand’s primary sales channels are its website and retail locations like Union LA.

  • The brand’s antisocial shirts primary sales channels are its website and retail locations like Union LA.
  • Because it’s a limited edition brand, finding it in stores might be challenging.
  • The brand is inspired by Los Angeles’ appealing and distinctive residents, a place that promotes freedom and creativity. Though trendy and modern, the line’s style is also ageless enough to be worn on any occasion.

The artist behind it all is Neek Lurk, who seemingly only uses his Instagram account to post images of hats with the ~ASSC~ logo and pictures of himself wearing them.

Neek Lurk, the creator behind it all, appears to use his Instagram account only to share photographs of hats with the “ASSC” emblem on them and himself wearing them.

Fear of God and Lurk have been partners since 2013. He appeared in their Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook and has worked on other projects for them over the years, including a 2017 debut collection collaboration with Jerry Lorenzo of Fear of God.

Lurk is close friends with Jerry Lorenzo of the brand Fear :

Lurk and Jerry Lorenzo of the business Fear of God are close friends. Neek Lurk, sometimes known as The Designer and occasionally just “Neek,” designed ASSC and its logo. He moved to New York City in 1988 from Philadelphia, where he was born, and currently works as a designer for Supreme’s “Black Scale” project line.

Anti Social Social Club makes cool hats that go fast.

A corporation by the name of antisocialsocialclub (ASSC) sells fashionable hats. If you want one for yourself, make your order as soon as you can because the hats are in hot demand. ASSC has become one of the most well-known brands since going online for the first time in 2013. The project’s originator, Neek Lurk, is close friends with Jerry Lorenzo from Fear Of God, who, along with A$AP Rocky, founded A$AP Mob in 2012 after their initial meeting at Fashion Week.


Four years into its existence, the brand is continually expanding. It is clear from their abilities to make and sell their hats online that they take great pleasure in what they do. The brand has created retail locations all around the world as a result of its popularity, including one in Los Angeles that serves as a branch for selling products including shirts, jackets, and backpacks. They also have an Etsy store where customers may buy original artwork made by Lurk, as well as other goods like buttons or patches with his designs, sewn into leather or fabric. Check out these amazing offers on vinyl records if you want something even more exceptional than an antisocialsocialclub cap.

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