What Makes Dating Coach For Men That Different?

Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie in the world of a dating coach for men, you’ve probably been wondering what makes them different from the other guys you’ve been talking to. Well, we’re here to tell you.

Matt Artisan

Matt Artisan is an internationally respected online dating coach for men expert. He has been a key speaker at several seminars and boot camps. His specialties include deep inner confidence, advanced dating techniques, and an understanding of how to build rapport with women. He has coached over 7,000 men in 40 nations. He is also the founder of The Attractive guy.

Matt is an experienced matchmaker and has spent many years mastering the dating scene. His coaching programs have helped countless men find love. Using his techniques, he has reached more than 2,000 ladies. He has appeared on TV shows such as Fox 13, CNN, and MTV. During these interviews, he emphasized his credibility.

His approach combines natural flow with structured skills. This translates to instant results. Rather than relying on cheat codes, he teaches men to plan their dates with style.

Jiveny Blair-West

If you are considering a relationship coach, there are many options to choose from. However, there is one for sure – Jiveny Blair-West. She is a licensed psychologist, a certified dating coach, and a qualified teacher of sexy stuff.

After several years of living in the US, she returned to Australia where she has made a mark in the dating world. With over a decade of experience behind her, she is one of the best in her field. Whether you are a novice single or a seasoned vet, she can help you take your love life to the next level.

One of her services involves dating advice for the wet behind the ears. This includes everything from a free introductory consultation to full-on, high-pressure sex coaching sessions. You can also sign up for her self-study courses.

Rachel New

Dating coach Rachel New is an expert on the psychology of dating. Her advice is based on scientific research and she is able to help you find out what you need in a relationship and what kind of person you are looking for.


Rachel works with people of all ages, genders, and sexual preferences. She helps them gain confidence to date and respond well. She is trained in counseling, life coaching, and mindfulness. She offers one-to-one consultations and workshops. And she is also a published author who blogs about the psychology of dating.

Whether you have recently found love or are re-entering the dating scene, Rachel can help you find the right person to share your life with. Rachel has a background in social psychology from the University of Oxford.

With a keen eye for the details, Kateryna aims to help clients achieve their goals, ensuring that they get the best quality dates and keep them. The company also teaches a wide variety of relationship-savvy tips, including how to spot and avoid bad dates.

Kateryna Spiwak

Kateryna Spiwak is a relationship coach in Toronto, Canada. She has helped hundreds of clients find love. Her services include matchmaking, life, and career coaching, and more. Having a therapist background and working in HR, she knows the ins and outs of relationships. Up Future.

Using a holistic approach, Kateryna teaches clients how to enhance their interpersonal and social skills. Her company, Dating basics, offers expert matchmaking support. For a one-time fee, Kateryna provides a thorough review of a client’s dating profile and then helps them make the right moves. This includes a free 30-minute phone consultation, appearance assessments, and a practice date.

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