Dubai has more Indians than any other community including the locals. It really is a home away from home for the millions of Indians who live there. Quite naturally one will find a large number of Indian international schools in Dubai. As a matter of fact, Dubai secondary schools are some of the best in the world. Let us get a lowdown on some of the best known ones.


The best Dubai secondary schools and Indian international schools in Dubai


1. Global Indian International School Dubai

Global Indian International School Dubai is one of the best known indian international school in dubai in the region offering a world class education to students from the pre nursery to the grade 12 level. It is run by the well known GIIS network of Indian international schools. It boasts a sprawling campus replete with a host of facilities that empower the students to perform to their best potential academically and in the realm of extracurricular activities. 


The school provides access to the Global Montessori Plus and CBSE curricula. The latter syllabus is an Indian one and enables the students of Indian origin to go on to study at leading Indian colleges and universities after completing their schooling. That being stated, the school has a distinctly international ethos as evidenced by the fact that it has students from diverse nationalities, apart from Indian ones.


2. GEMS Modern Academy

GEMS Modern Academy is a fantastic IB world school providing a world class KG to grade 12 education to children living in Dubai. It offers them the full suite of the International Baccalaureate programme- IB Primary Years, IB Middle Years, and IB Diploma. The school also offers the ICSE and ISC curricula for grades 10 and 12 respectively. They have an outstanding campus with every conceivable facility to make the students excel at academics and extracurricular activities.


GEMS Modern Academy boasts a sterling track record with regard to its students gaining admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere. It is hardly surprising that the school is so popular with the many expat communities living in Dubai, as well as the locals.


3. The Indian Academy

The Indian Academy was founded in 2009 and is regarded as one of the best co-educational CBSE schools in Dubai. The school provides a world class KG to grade 12 education. It boasts a fascinating campus with a host of facilities to ensure that the students learn, grow and develop in the best possible way. The teachers employed at the school are out of the top drawer which reflects in the kind of results the school obtains academically. It also provides the students with every opportunity to excel at extracurricular activities. Students who complete their schooling at the Indian Academy go on to obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere.  It is hardly surprising that this school is one of the most popular ones amongst the expats. 


4. Credence High School

Credence High School is one of the best known CBSE schools in Dubai offering a world class education to students from pre kg to highschool. It boasts a world class campus replete with every facility that helps a student grow, learn and develop in a holistic manner. The school has some of the best qualified anywhere and this reflects in the academic performance of the students. The school lays equal stress on extracurricular activities as well.


The school’s track record in terms of its students obtaining admission to some of the best colleges and universities in the world speaks for itself. That is the reason why ex-pats as well as locals are quite keen to send their children to this school.




Dubai is the envy of the world on account of its opulent lifestyle and futuristic architecture that has no parallel in the world. Behind all the glitz and glamour is the hard work put in by the large numbers of expats including Indians who work and live in Dubai. They are able to do so in a dedicated manner because they know that their children’s educational needs are taken care of in a wonderful manner in the many international schools present in Dubai. A very large number of these are Indian ones on account of the very large Indian community living in Dubai.


Owing to all these schools Dubai has acquired something of a reputation in the realm of school education. It is already a major schooling hub in the middle east region providing quality education to a very large number of expat and local children. Going forward these schools can be expected to shape the future of the youth of UAE and other nations by providing them with some of the best education available anywhere in the world. A good schooling is something which shapes the destiny of not just individuals but communities and nations.

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