How can I resolve the Gmail spell check not working?

One of the most prominent and annoying problems is the Gmail app no connection or spell check issues. To resolve this functionality issue, you are expected to follow and apply a few steps. If your Gmail spell check not working, you are supposed to follow and execute the steps.

Why is my Gmail Spell check not working?

There are different reasons behind Gmail spell check not working. A few of them are given here:

  • Maybe you have not enabled spell-check issues
  • Sluggish and Poor internet connection
  • Maybe you have disabled the spell-check feature
  • There could be excess cache in your browser
  • Gmail servers are down
  • You have installed a lot of browser extensions

Fix Spell Check not working on Gmail

To fix spell check not working on Gmail; you are supposed to follow and apply the steps. To do this:

Enable spell check in your browser

  • You should tap on the settings button, which is located at the upper right part of the browser
  • Now, you must choose this option
  • And then, you can go down and then tap on ‘show advanced settings
  • Now, you must scroll down more till you do locate the ‘languages’ section
  • And then, you should tap the language and input’ the settings button
  • Now, you can tick the box beside ‘enable spell checking.’
  • You can now add to the dictionary and then tap on the custom spelling dictionary
  • And so you will be able to see all the misspelled words

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You must enable spell check in Gmail

  • You can log in to your Gmail account
  • And then hit the settings icon
  • Then, move to the general section and then locate the spelling option
  • Now, you should hit the radio button, which is available in front of this option, to ON
  • You must go down and then hit the save spelling suggestion on the button

You can now simply remove cache and cookies

  • You can now tap on three dots which are located at the top right part of your screen
  • Now, you can scroll to more tools and then opt for clear browsing data
  • Soon a window will pop up after you tap on it
  • You can choose a specific timeframe and the type of data you wish to remove
  • Now, you can simply click on clear data

Users often witness technical snags like Gmail Search not Working. In case you are wondering, then you are supposed to follow and apply the steps manually.

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