Keeping tabs on your credit is a must for strong financial hygiene. Viewing your credit report might assist you in prioritising payments and gaining a better understanding of your overall financial situation. You can maintain track of your open credit accounts, their balances, and payment due dates if you check your credit consistently. Check CIBIL Score by PAN Card online to monitor your credit health from home.

You can keep an eye on your credit score in several different ways, from doing it yourself to paying for a service to do it for you. The simplest approach is to check CIBIL Score by PAN Card.

Checking and Monitoring Your Credit Report and Score

Below are ways to check CIBIL Score by PAN Card and without PAN Card.

Check CIBIL Score by PAN Card

Each credit reporting agency must provide you with one free credit report every year. However, in response to the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, credit agencies started offering weekly credit report access. They eventually extended this initiative until December 2023.

Check CIBIL Score by PAN Card online and receive a free credit report every year from CIBIL. More than one credit score check will be subjected to charges.

You can check CIBIL score by PAN Card online by following the easy steps below.

  • Fill out the required fields in the credit score form on CIBIL’s website to get your free credit score.
  • Type in your Permanent Account Number and confirm your information with one-time password authentication.
  • Select the option to “Get Your Credit Score.”

Explore Alternative Platforms for Your Credit Score

The credit report won’t include your credit score, and you may not have unlimited free access to your credit report and credit score. However, most financial institutions and credit card issuers would gladly provide access to your credit score at no cost. Take a look at your bank statement or access your account online. If you can’t locate your credit score, contact your bank by phone or online chat to find out if and how you may access it.

Remember that your credit score may be calculated differently, depending on the scoring model employed. In certain cases, the credit score used by a lender to establish your eligibility for credit may differ from the score available via your bank or credit card company.

Maintain Regular Credit Monitoring

Based on the data in your report, it’s crucial to check the state of your credit routinely. Early identification and correction of errors or inconsistencies in your credit history may prevent you from being caught off guard by a sudden drop in your credit score and allow you to identify areas for improvement.

You may also benefit from several credit monitoring programs. These services often include benefits like regular access to your credit score, alerts when abnormalities are found, and advice on how to raise it.

You may take advantage of free access to credit reports and scores to keep tabs on the state of your credit by yourself. Self-monitoring with your free credit report is an excellent way to save money and gain financial independence. You may avoid paying for the service if you review your report regularly and check for any possible faults or windows of opportunity. Frequently check CIBIL Score by PAN Card online to stay ahead in your daily financial maintenance.


Whether trying to establish or maintain a decent credit score, monitoring your credit health is crucial. You can keep track of your debt status and ensure that all three credit bureaus accurately report information by routinely reviewing your report. For added convenience, you may check CIBIL Score by PAN Card online or with the CIBIL Score App.

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