Clenbuterol UK is a drug that is used for treatment of asthmatic patients because it is a bronchodilator. It is also noticed that clenbuterol works a tremendous fat burner through its metabolism stimulant effect even when a person is at the state of rest.

Individuals are often seen using clenbuterol like a steroid cycling. It is used for cutting cycles. It is highly beneficial for anyone planning to lose fat and also very beneficial for body builders and weight lifters for attaining a fit, muscular body.


Clen works through thermogenesis or by increasing the basal body temperature and increased metabolic rate. Increased rate demands high influx of energy which leads body to dissolve stubborn fat to ensure non-stop provision of energy.

It has proved to be a life saver to burn the last remnants of stubborn fat in an otherwise lean body. Thus, very high in demand by the athletes, models and physique competitors. Any individual who already has a slim body but wishes to look more ripped and trimmer can cycle clenbuterol.

Obese individuals should not buy clenbuterol as it won’t be effective. They must consider losing some weight and then cycling clenbuterol at final stage. Clenbuterol causes following effects:

  • Increased thermogenesis.

Increasing the body temperature is the core function of clenbuterol. Increased temperature needs higher energy levels that results in more fat dissolution.

  • Appetite suppression.

Clenbuterol UK also leads to suppression of appetite. It also helps in dieting. It is not mandatory that everyone experiences it but it is one of the noticed effects that can be counted as a benefit.

  • Boosting cardiovascular performance potential.

As it dilates the lumen so it helps in performance enhancement. Initially patients buy clenbuterol UK as a breathing aid but with time the side effects can be benefited from by certain individuals (athletes, body builders, physique competitors etc.)


Ideally the cycle should start at the lowest possible dose than gradually increased. It can be taken in more than one cycle but proper gaps between the cycle is mandatory to limit the adverse effects. Usually, the initial dose is minimal and depending upon the tolerability it is increased in increments up to 120 micrograms to 160 micrograms daily. The dose is increased for the next two weeks than again started after a gap of two weeks but after two weeks the starting dose is where you left in the previous cycle.

That can be risky at higher doses. So, an increment of 20 micrograms to increase is considered safe. Towards the end of the cycle one can gradually drop the dose or you can shift on the dose you were taking during the first cycle and then stop after a week.

Dose of clenbuterol is same for all levels of consumers such as beginners and advanced users but different cycle lengths can be opted. It is believed that two 8 weeks cycle twice in a year is considered effective and safe. One can buy clen and use it alone while others can stack it with other anabolic steroids to do extreme fat shedding. 

It solely depends on the aim of the individual consuming it. One may buy steroids UK alone or with clenbuterol.


The breakdown schedule mentioned below is suitable for anyone who is planning to shed the stubborn fat. It follows the most ideal alternate on and off drug intake for two weeks’ time. following is the daily dosage schedule:

  • Day 1-2: 20mcg
  • Day 3-4: 40mcg
  • Day 5-6: 60mcg
  • Day 7-8: 80mcg
  • Day 9-10: 100mcg
  • Day 11-12: 120mcg
  • Day 13-14: 140mcg

At this point a break is taken and then continued if required after two weeks. After two weeks gap the initial dose is 140 mcg and remains same for the next two weeks.


It is not an FDA approved indication of clenbuterol to lose fat. This is illegal to use it for cutting cycles. It is also very hard to find authentic clenbuterol online. one can buy clenbuterol through authentic online resources but it is not encouraged to use it. If you are eager to use it always consult and use under supervisions.


  • Tachycardia
  • Palpitations
  • Tremors
  • Anxiety
  • Low levels of potassium (hypokalemia)
  • Raised blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia)

Adverse effects are more profound when used in larger doses especially for the purpose of performance enhancement and fat loss purpose.

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